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Thrive comes alongside churches to equip and encourage them to participate in God's redemptive mission in their local context.  Below are some resources that support congregational renewal and support:

Additional Resources for Churches to support church health and renewal:

Thrive supports ministry leaders and volunteers serving churches and classis, including pastors, worship leaders, youth directors, children's ministers, safe church teams and coordinators, disability advocates, justice advocates, specialized transitional ministers, chaplains, church visitors, and regional pastors

Thrive encourages and equips churches and individuals to practice lifelong faith and missional discipleship. We listen, provide consulting and resources that fit your unique context, and we walk alongside you and your church as you encounter the challenges and opportunities of growing in resilient, intentional, holistic faith.

  • Faith Practices Project - If you are longing for a deeper, more life-giving faith, consider this resource on transformational Christian practices.  Can be used as an individual, together as a family, or with a group.
  • Dwell Curriculum - Help kids find their place in God's big story.  Check out this children's discipleship curriculum for preschool through Grade 8.
  • Circle of Grace - a supplementary Sunday School program (1-4 lessons a year) designed to teach kids and teens about healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, and what to do when their boundaries are violated from a Christian perspective.
  • Generation Spark - a program designed to help churches build authentic intergenerational relationships between 16-24 year olds and spiritual mentors in your church.  
  • Family Faith Formation - resources to strengthen family faith formation in your congregation
  • Becoming agents of renewal and shalom - resources to help Christians and congregations explore the biblical call to do justly, act kindly and walk humbly with our God.  
  • Do Justice - a conversation starter for justice in the Christian Reformed Church. Together we're finding new ideas and perspectives, sharing better ways to engage in justice work, remembering our motivation, and growing our faith. 
  • Additional resources for faith formation

Thrive supports the local church by providing resources for worship.

Worship resources for Special Sundays:

Thrive resources CRC members and congregations as they seek to grow in diversity and so better anticipate the kingdom of God when all nations, tribes, and tongues will gather together to worship the Lord.  

Resources to help churches grow in their awareness and understanding of racism

Resources to help churches become more hospitable to a diversity of ethnic groups and cultures