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Family Faith Formation Resources

​​​​​The Family Faith Formation Toolkit

If you're a ministry leader looking to strengthen family faith formation in your congregation or a parent or caregiver wondering how to build your family's faith at home, check out our Family Faith Formation toolkit.

Everyday Family Faith

This pocket-sized resource is for parents who want to weave faith into everyday family life in simple, natural ways. For each day of the week it provides fun, do-able ideas and activities for exploring small portions of Scripture, praying together, talking about God together, and living out faith.

Dear Parent

Dear Parent: A Guide for Family Faith Formation uses the framework of four "Building Blocks of Faith" to encourage parents as they help their children find their place in God's family, know God's story, live in hope, and discover their calling. Each chapter ends with discussion or thought questions, ideas for living the chapter topic out, and a short resource list.

Ten Ways to Help Your Family Grow in Faith

For many Christian parents and caregivers, the idea of helping children grow in faith is intimidating. We ask ourselves questions like these: “What if I mess up and teach them something wrong?” “How can I do this when my own faith is wavering?” or “I didn’t grow up as a Christian. What if I don’t know enough?”

Before you do anything else, exhale. Family faith formation is a journey, not a destination, and growing in faith is an adventure, not a checklist. Along that journey there will be moments of discovery and joy, hard times, and times of confusion. But your guide on this adventure is none other than the Holy Spirit—so embrace the journey!

Ten Ways to Help Your Family Grow in Faith gives parents ten affirming tips for beginning a journey of family faith formation in everyday life.

The Baptism of Children: A Guide for Parents

If you're planning a baptism or are curious about the Christian Reformed Church's stance on infant baptism, this free booklet is a great resource. It also includes a brief list of resources that can help parents nurture their children's spiritual life.

Other Resources