Our Shared Ministry.

Have you noticed the recent trend of sharing in our society? Instead of owning everything ourselves, it is now common to use ride-sharing programs such as Uber or to rent a vacation home through Airbnb. We can find financial backing for new business ventures through peer-to-peer lending platforms, and can even access our own share of organic produce by participating in community-supported agriculture.

It seems that society has learned that there is value to sharing and working together. Not only is it more efficient than doing it on our own, but we can often do more and stretch our dollars further when we pool our resources.

This is something that the Christian Reformed Church has known for a long time. Since its earliest days, the CRC has encouraged congregations and members to combine their funds in order to provide shared ministry that benefits us all. This system is called ministry shares and is a stewardly and cost-effective way of providing a solid foundation for our denomination.

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