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Administration - Immigration

If you are a U.S. pastor considering a call to Canada, or a Canadian pastor considering a call to the U.S., the denomination's Human Resources office has information to help you with this transition.

Contact Info

Carol Koppenaal, Director of Human Resources ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2525)

Administration - License to Solemnize Marriages

One of the joys you will have as a pastor is to officiate at wedding ceremonies, and in that capacity you will require a "marriage license" to solemnize marriages. In Ontario, the denominational office assists with this process. In all of the other provinces or territories you should contact the stated clerk of your church's classis.

Canada Contact Info

Cathy Fraser, Senior Administrative Assistant ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4527)


Relational. Missional. Local. The Bridge App is a multi-functional digital communications tool specifically oriented towards the local church with a missional and relational emphasis. It connects members and the community to their local church.

The Bridge App's features are designed to help you grow closer to God and connect with other followers of Christ, easily and from anywhere.

Contact Info

Dorothy Vandersteen, Program Manager ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4245)
Ken Bosveld, Program Support ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4307)


Calvin University is a post-secondary educational institution and ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) that challenges students to think deeply, act justly, and live wholeheartedly. It was founded in 1876 and named for 16th-century Reformer John Calvin. The historic creeds and confessions of Reformed Christianity guide the college’s understanding of Scripture and inform its mission. The award-winning January series, offered 15 weekdays in January and in 48 remote locations, is one of the leading lecture and cultural arts series in the country.

Contact Info

([email protected], 800-688-0122)

Calvin University - Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship offers practical resources for planning worship as well as a number of events including the annual Calvin Symposium on Worship. Additionally we are able to provide funding through the Vital Worship Grants program, which focuses on projects that connect public worship to intergenerational faith formation and Christian discipleship.

Contact Info

John D. Witvliet, Director ([email protected], 616-526-6088)


Calvin Theological Seminary prepares leaders to nurture disciples and serve the church while offering various resources to the local pastor. Resources available include preaching, growing your church, pursuing continued learning (via distance education--which means people can live, work, and minister where they are while still receiving a Calvin Seminary education), and mentoring.

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Calvin Theological Seminary - Center for Excellence in Preaching

We cultivate a high standard of excellence in preaching and serve as a resource by providing mentorship programs, booking discussion groups and conferences, offering preaching scholarships, and offering other preaching resources like lectionary or evaluation tools.

Contact Info

Scott Hoezee, Director ([email protected], 616-957-6085)


The Candidacy Committee encourages and enables people entering into ordained ministry in the CRC We also assist in and administer the processes for pastoral ordination in the CRCNA, and we offer guidance and resourcing in the uses of the office of commissioned pastor.

Contact Info

Susan LaClear, Director ([email protected], 800-272-5125 x2676)


The Centre for Public Dialogue is a place of conversation, advocacy, and action on God’s call to justice, peace, and reconciliation. Through dialogue with citizens "in the pew," with marginalized people, with elected leaders, and with partner organizations, we encourage churches and citizens to seek justice and speak hope.

Canada Contact Info

Cindy Stover, Justice Mobilizer ([email protected], 905-336-2920 x4123)


CRC Communications supports the ministries of the Christian Reformed Church by facilitating communication with and among the denominational offices, agencies, congregations, and members, in North America and the world at large. We do this by means of our website ( as well as through a variety of e-newsletters, the "Together Doing More" section in The Banner, other publications, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Connect with us to subscribe to publications, find out what is happening around the denomination, and get involved with programs and events.

Contact Info

Kristen Vanderberg, Director ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4306)


The needs of CRC congregations and the people who serve in them drive the ministry we do together as Thrive. As a denomination, we are committed to meeting the needs of people doing local ministry; listening better and hearing more from our churches; and following the leading of God in the work we do together. As a whole, our work addresses the five ministry areas the CRC has identified as our collective calling: Faith Formation, Servant Leadership, Global Mission, Mercy and Justice, Gospel Proclamation and Worship.

Canada Contact Info

Lesli van Milligen - Director, Canada ([email protected])

US Contact Info

Chris Schoon - Director, US ([email protected])


The Connections Project is a continuation of a grant-funded project to help CRC congregations explore and connect with services and resources for ministry. Running through June 2024, the project is building on new models for regional resourcing in the CRCNA utilizing networks of regionally focused CRCNA staff and volunteers.

Canada Contact Info

Trudy Ash, Project Lead ([email protected], 320-420-2468)
Liz Tolkamp, Regional Network Connector - Western Canada Region ([email protected])
Becky Jones, Regional Network Connector - Eastern Canada Region ([email protected])
Deibi Kapojos, Regional Network Connector - Southeast Asian & Pacific Islander ([email protected])

US Contact Info

Trudy Ash, Project Lead ([email protected], 320-420-2468)
Trudy Ash, Regional Network Connector - US Central Region ([email protected])
Carla Bieber, Regional Network Connector - Great Lakes Region ([email protected])
Diane Averill, Regional Network Connector - US East Region ([email protected])
Deibi Kapojos, Regional Network Connector - Southeast Asian & Pacific Islander, US East ([email protected])


Relying on the Holy Spirit, Diaconal Ministries Canada exists to Inspire, Empower and Equip Deacons, as they animate congregations to join in God’s transforming work in communities across Canada.

Deacons are called to work in the areas of Compassion, Community Ministry, Stewardship, and Justice. In a sense, all engaged and committed members of the church are called to the work of deacons. To carry out our mission, Diaconal Ministries Canada values prayer, celebration, collaboration, servant leadership, gift-based ministry, holistic ministry, and justice.

Canada Contact Info

Ron Vanden Brink, National Director ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4141)
Rachel Vroege, Regional Ministry Developer-West ([email protected], 604-845-2640)
Erin Knight, Communications Coordinator ([email protected], 905-931-1975)
Karla Winham, Stewardship Project Coordinator ([email protected], 800-730-3490)

Diaconal Ministries Canada - Equipping Deacons

To carry out our mission, Diaconal Ministries has developed a nationwide network of regional and local Ministry Developers to connect with the team of deacons in your church and provide coaching, resources, etc. Our Diaconal Coaches are experienced in diaconal work and ready to help your deacons understand their role and calling in your church and community. For a full listing of our coaches, visit our website.

Canada Contact Info

Ron Vanden Brink, Interim Regional Ministry Developer-East ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4141)
Rachel Vroege, Regional Ministry Developer-West ([email protected], 604-845-2640)
Karla Winham, Stewardship Project Coordinator ([email protected], 800-730-3490)

Diaconal Ministries Canada - NewGround

NewGround (formerly Operation Manna) is all about connecting the gifts of churches and deacon leaders to the ministry opportunities in their cities and local neighbourhoods. Through our Community Opportunity Scan, churches can listen, discern, and begin to make a difference in their community. NewGround not only provides seed money to help churches start or grow a meaningful and sustainable community ministry, but also hands-on coaching and other learning and networking opportunities. NewGround also includes a Youth Justice Initiative to inspire the next generation to love and serve their community, and Deacon Scholarships, to invest in deacons as leaders in God’s Church.

God is at always at work. Churches are called to follow God into their communities to share Christ’s transformational love with each and every person.

Canada Contact Info

Ron Vanden Brink, Interim Program Coordinator for NewGround ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4141)

THRIVE - (previously Disability Concerns)

"Everybody belongs. Everybody serves." Thrive's work in disability concerns helps churches intentionally seek to end the isolation and disconnectedness of persons with disabilities and their families, to nurture the spiritual lives of people with disabilities so that they become professing and active members of their churches, and to encourage the gifts of people with disabilities so that they can serve God fully in their churches.

Canada Contact Info

Lindsay Capel, Program Contact ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2311)

US Contact Info

Lindsay Capel, Program Contact ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2311)

THRIVE - (previously Diversity)

Thrive's work in diversity was established to affirm and support congregations of the CRC as they work toward becoming more inclusive environments, welcoming the calling and use of gifts in people of various ethnicities.

Contact Info

Reggie Smith, Program Contact ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2883)


Many opportunities for healthy ministry are possible through partnership with other churches. From justice initiatives, neighborhood engagement, and even worship resources, there is a lot to be gleaned by partnering with other family members of God's kingdom. Additionally, the impact you can have in your neighborhood or within the country also multiplies when we join together. Let us help you in making those local connections. The CRCNA wants to support the ecumenical ministry of your congregation by offering small grants to be used for events, gatherings, community services and worship opportunities that bring together churches from a variety of backgrounds.

Canada Contact Info

Al Postma, Executive Director - Canada ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4563)


The Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee (EIRC) is appointed by synod to engage and participate in the life of the global church, particularly interacting with churches and ecumenical organizations that share the heritage of the Reformed understanding of the Christian faith.

US Contact Info

Zachary King, General Secretary ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2832)

Educational Care - Raise Up

Educational Care is a learning program that encourages and assists educators and schools with limited resources by giving them an opportunity to develop skills and strategies of education that honor God, His creation, and the children in their classrooms.

Contact Info

Sam Huizenga, Director ([email protected], 616-485-1559)


Faith Alive Christian Resources provides high-quality, theologically Reformed resources. Sunday school curriculum, materials for youth, Bibles and Bible studies, hymnals and worship resources, leadership materials, and devotional resources, as well as various materials from CRC agencies, are available to individuals and the local church.

Canada Contact Info

Call Staff ([email protected], 800-333-8300)

US Contact Info

Call Staff ([email protected], 800-333-8300)

Faith Alive Christian Resources - Digital Library

The Digital Library gives free, online access for CRC churches and members to hundreds of Faith Alive Christian Resources titles.

Contact Info

([email protected], 800-333-8300)

Faith Alive Christian Resources - Libros Desafio

Spanish resources are available from Libros Desafio, the Spanish-literature imprint of the Christian Reformed Church.

Contact Info

([email protected], 800-426-8355)

THRIVE - (previously Faith Formation)

Thirve's work in faith formation supports CRC congregations as you carry out your callings in faith formation and discipleship. We recognize that each congregation has a unique identity, history, context, and calling. When you contact us, our team listens, asks questions, and suggests ideas and resources to strengthen your ministries. Coaching conversations with our regional catalyzers might range from a quick fifteen-minute phone call to a long-term congregational re-visioning journey. If you face a faith formation question or challenge, let's talk!

Canada Contact Info

Chris Schoon, Program Contact ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x4685)
Ron deVries, Youth Ministry Catalyzer ([email protected], 780-619-6566)
Liz Tolkamp, Regional Catalyzer - British Columbia ([email protected])
Lesli van Milligen, Regional Catalyzer - Manitoba, Ontario, and the Maritimes ([email protected])
Jill Benson, DWELL Curriculum Coordinator ([email protected])

US Contact Info

Chris Schoon, Program Contact ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x4685)
Ron deVries, Youth Ministry Catalyzer ([email protected], 780-619-6566)
Trudy Ash, Regional Catalyzer - upper midwest (except Michigan) ([email protected])
Laura Keeley, Regional Catalyzer - West Michigan ([email protected])
Jill Benson, DWELL Curriculum Coordinator ([email protected])

Faith Formation - Youth Ministry Champions

Faith Formation oversees a network of Canadian Youth Ministry Champions, one for every CRC classis in Canada. Each champion works to empower and encourage those working on the front lines of congregational youth ministry across Canada. Champions listen, pray, connect, and serve as a voice on behalf of youth leaders at classis. Our desire is to strengthen youth ministry in the CRC through networking, sharing resources, and consulting. To see who your congregation's champion is, visit or contact us.

Canada Contact Info

Ron deVries, Youth Ministry Catalyzer ([email protected], 780-619-6566)

Faith Formation - Youth Ministry Champions

Faith Formation has begun building a network of U.S. Youth Ministry Champions. As the network is developed, this directory will be updated. If you would like to learn more about this network building process, contact us.

US Contact Info

Ron deVries, Youth Ministry Catalyzer ([email protected], 780-619-6566)


Friendship Ministries' mission is to share God's love with people who have intellectual disabilities and to enable them to become an active part of God's family. Friendship Ministries offers support and resources to local churches and Friendship Club leadership, including curriculum ideas and an orientation manual for Friendship mentors.

Canada Contact Info

Heather DeBoer, Manager ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4279) 


The Finance Services team provides finance and administrative support to the ministries of the CRC and also serves as an administrative resource for Ministry Shares, gifts, and offerings. We also provide a number of value-added services to CRC congregations, including banking, group insurance, pension, preauthorized remittance (EFT donations), and property and liability insurance.

Canada Contact Info

Terry Veldboom, Chief Administrative Officer ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4243)

US Contact Info

Brian Van Doeselaar, Controller ([email protected], 616-224-0822)

Finance Services - CRC Heritage Fund

The CRC Heritage Fund (formerly the CRC Foundation) works on behalf of the CRC to fund ministry priorities and keep the church focused on its mission today, for generations to come.

Canada Contact Info

Roshani Morton, Director of Advancement - Canada ([email protected], 289-252-2773)

US Contact Info

Jeff Bolt, Director of Advancement - US ([email protected], 877-272-6204 x2817)

Global Coffee Break - Raise Up

Global Coffee Break helps churches invite neighbors to discover God’s story together. Global Coffee Break has been developing leaders for over 40 years using a series of Bible studies called Discover Your Bible. Discover Your Bible studies give people the tools to read, understand, and dig into what the Bible says and means. Whether you're familiar with the Bible or have never picked one up before, Discover Your Bible is easy to understand while fostering learning and deep discovery about the Bible and ourselves.

Canada Contact Info

Marian Lensink, Global Coffee Break Representative ([email protected], 905-220-0457)
Juan Sierra, Global Coffee Break Program Manager ([email protected])

US Contact Info

Juan Sierra, Global Coffee Break Program Manager ([email protected])
Diane Averill, Global Coffee Break Eastern US Representative ([email protected])
Teo Han, Global Coffee Break Korean Representative ([email protected])
Grace Paek, Global Coffee Break Coordinator ([email protected])


The CRCNA’s Indigenous Ministry in Canada supports healing, reconciliation, and restored relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Canada Contact Info

Adrian Jacobs, Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice and Reconciliation ([email protected])

Indigenous Ministry - Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee - (CIMC)

CIMC has the specific role of educating, mobilizing, and resourcing CRC members and congregations to live in reconciled relationships as covenant (treaty) people before our Creator, with much of the focus on reconciling the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Please contact us for ways to engage your church.

Canada Contact Info

Adrian Jacobs, Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice and Reconciliation ([email protected])

Indigenous Ministry - Justice and Reconciliation Mobilizer

The Justice and Reconciliation Mobilizer provides resources and ways to engage congregations on reconciliation, and collaborates closely with other ministries such as Urban Indigenous Ministry Centres, the Centre for Public Dialogue, Race Relations, and the Office of Social Justice on areas of common justice concerns.

Canada Contact Info

Adrian Jacobs, Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice and Reconciliation ([email protected])

Indigenous Ministry - Urban Indigenous Ministry

The CRCNA has Urban Indigenous Ministries in Edmonton, Regina, and Winnipeg, that seek to respond to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of Indigenous peoples in those communities.

Canada Contact Info

Indigenous Family Centre (Winnipeg, Man.) Shannon Perez, Urban Aboriginal Ministry Leader ([email protected], 204-586-8393)
Indigenous Christian Fellowship (Regina, Sask.) Bert Adema, Executive Director ([email protected], 306-359-1096)
Edmonton Native Healing Centre (Edmonton, Alta.) Harold Roscher, Director ([email protected], 780-482-5522)


The Loan Fund offers loans to Christian Reformed churches in the United States for the acquisition or construction of church facilities, parsonages, and land. Loans are also made for improvements and repairs to church property. These loans are usually made with rates and fees that are generally more favorable than those offered by traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions.

US Contact Info

Layla Kuhl, Loan Fund Director ([email protected], 616-224-0787)
Alice Damsteegt, Loan Fund Administrator ([email protected], 616-224-0828)
General Contact ([email protected], 800-332-0012)


The Network is a website where you can find a variety of tools, ideas to use in your congregation, questions and answers, and a place to connect with other church leaders from across North America. Resources include blogs, discussion topics, ministry Q&As, webinar recordings, and more, covering almost every area of church ministry.

Contact Info

Sarah Gibes, Online Content and Community Manager ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2842)

THRIVE (previously Pastor Church Resources)

Thrive serves pastors, churches, and classes as these groups seek to promote healthy relationships, encourage one another in ministry, and discern next steps in seasons of growth, transition, or challenge. Thrive's available resources include continuing education and peer learning group grants for pastors; a mentoring program for pastors in first five years of ministry; Specialized Transitional Ministers; consultation for churches, pastors and/or councils; Healthy Church Survey; pastors’ wives’ conferences; seminars on congregational health; Pastor Search (for churches looking for a pastor); vocational ministry assessments for pastors and leadership development.

Contact Info

Dave Den Haan, Program Contact ([email protected])

THRIVE (previously Race Relations)

Thrive's work in race relations strives to resource Christian Reformed members and congregations as they dismantle the causes and effects of racism within the body of believers and throughout the world. We offer tools that can equip churches to be more culturally aware and effective in reaching the ethnically diverse communities in which you serve.

Contact Info

Idella Winfield, Church and Community Engagement Coordinator ([email protected], 888-272-7729)


Raise Up Global Ministries is the coming together of three like-minded programs, all dedicated to developing Christian leadership around the world to spread the gospel through biblically-based leadership training programs and supporting curriculum. Together we are able to expand our capabilities and reach and create a solid, consistent, connected global foundation of trained leaders.

Contact Info

Sam Huizenga, Director ([email protected], 616-485-1559)


ReFrame Ministries (formerly Back to God Ministries International) is the media ministry of the Christian Reformed Church. Our mission is to proclaim the gospel, grow disciples, and strengthen the church. Together with local churches, we minister in 10 major world languages, using every kind of media, to share the story of Jesus.

ReFrame includes six English programs including print, websites, social media sites, and on-air programming that your church can use with people of all ages. Widgets are available to enhance your church’s website. Programs include Church Juice, Family Fire, Groundwork, Kids Corner, Think Christian, and Today.

Canada Contact Info

Paul Vandersteen, Church Advancement ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4313)
Annette Vander Heide, Donor Development Officer ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4228)

US Contact Info

Robin Basselin, Co-Director ([email protected], 800-879-6555)
Justin Sterenberg, Co-Director ([email protected], 800-879-6555)
Deb Bobiak, Office Manager ([email protected], 800-879-6555)

ReFrame Ministries - Today devotions

Daily devotions available in print, by email, via mobile app or web; an audio version is also available.

Canada Contact Info

Annette Vander Heide, Donor Development Officer ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4228)

US Contact Info

Call Staff ([email protected], 800-626-3060)
Jeff Bulthuis, Managing Editor, Today Devotions ([email protected], 800-879-6555)


Resonate Global Mission, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, is bringing the gospel to people, neighborhoods, communities, churches, and the world. We want to see Christians everywhere participating in God’s mission and faithfully proclaiming and living out the good news of Jesus. Through planting churches, sending missionaries, and engaging students through campus ministry and international schools, we embolden churches in their work of fulfilling the Great Commission to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.

In partnership with over 1000 Christian Reformed congregations in Canada and the US, we equip missional leaders, guide new church development, and partner with churches and ministries worldwide. Our name, Resonate, means striking a chord or causing an expanding, amplifying sound. A sound that resonates is deep, clear, builds over time, and goes out in every direction. The world is at our doorstep. Let’s resonate mission in our neighborhood and around the world.

Canada Contact Info

Kevin DeRaaf, Director of North American Regional Teams ([email protected], 905-336-2920 x4689)
Liz Busuttil, Office Coordinator ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4248)

US Contact Info

Kevin DeRaaf, Director of North American Regional Teams ([email protected], 905-336-2920 x4689)

Resonate Global Mission - Campus Ministry

Christian Reformed campus ministries are active and growing on more than 35 campuses across Canada and the US. Embracing students, faculty, and staff in intentional community, they engage their campuses, bringing the Gospel in word and deed. Our campus ministries are places of faith formation, worship and gospel proclamation, servant leadership, global mission, and mercy and justice. Campus chaplains are available to speak at local churches on a variety of topics.

Contact Info

Margaret Griffioen-Drenth, Campus Ministry Administrative Coordinator ([email protected], 905-570-4667)

Resonate Global Mission - North American Regional Mission Leaders

Regional Mission Leaders (RMLs), along with the Local Mission Leaders (LMLs) on their teams, are the presence of our mission agency in local contexts where they passionately help congregations and leaders develop vision and strategy to join God in his mission in their community. In today’s North American contexts, which are increasingly post-Christian and ethnically diverse, learning to see where God is working in the local community requires learning new postures, new behaviors, and new processes in which RMLs and LMLs can guide congregations and leaders. Regional Mission Teams also help to bridge local contexts with missional work globally, developing partnerships that enhance mission through learning, sharing, and giving.

Canada Contact Info

Rich Braaksma, Western Canada Regional Mission Leader ([email protected], 403-797-4455)
Beth Fellinger, Eastern Canada Regional Mission Leader ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4387)

US Contact Info

Scott Stark, Great Lakes Regional Mission Leader ([email protected], 800-266-2175)
Clarence Presley, Western US Regional Mission Leader ([email protected])
Marco Avila, Eastern US Regional Mission Leader ([email protected], 551-238-5469)
Brad Meinders, Central US Regional Ministry Leader ([email protected])

Resonate Global Mission - Salaam 2.0 and Diaspora Ministries (Muslim Ministry)

Salaam 2.0 and Diaspora Ministries is available to your congregation to help you learn more about Islam and to reach out in love to your Muslim neighbors.

Canada Contact Info

Greg Sinclair, Ministry Leader ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4231)

Resonate Global Mission - Volunteer Opportunities

Resonate provides opportunities for both teams, individuals, and families to go on short-term mission trips lasting from two weeks to two years. This includes a special program called the Cohort of Missioners, a yearlong experience in which participants are immersed in a new culture (Latin America) by serving with local mission organizations at the grass-roots level.

Contact Info

Gillian Bruce, Group Coordinator for Volunteer Ministries ([email protected], 800-730-3490 x4384)

THRIVE - (previously Safe Church)

Thrive equips congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response. We offer training and support to volunteer safer church advocates throughout the U.S. and Canada who, in turn, are able to offer resources, learning opportunities, support, and consultation in their own congregations and classes. Our goal is to build communities where the value of each person is honored, where people are free to worship and grow free from abuse, and where the response to abuse is compassion and justice that foster healing.

Contact Info

Julia Rathbun, Program Contact ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2579)


Social Justice educates CRC members, encourages and supports your engagement in social justice issues (especially in the areas of poverty and hunger), and occasionally is involved in direct advocacy.

Canada Contact Info

Cindy Stover, Canadian Justice Mobilizer ([email protected], 905-336-2920 x4123)

US Contact Info

Andrew Oppong, Justice Mobilization Specialist ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2386)

Social Justice - Canadian Justice Mobilizer

The work of Canada's Justice Mobilizer is dedicated to supporting and coaching congregations in Canada as you live into God's call to do justice.

Canada Contact Info

Cindy Stover, Canadian Justice Mobilizer ([email protected], 905-336-2920 x4123)

Social Justice - Congregational Justice Mobilizers

Congregational Justice Mobilizers encourage and support churches in your response to God's call to justice. We help you learn about biblical justice and about specific issues such as global poverty or immigration reform. We suggest readings, lead workshops, serve as guest speakers or preachers, suggest ideas for how to get started, and can help you figure out how to continue along the journey.

Canada Contact Info

Cindy Stover, Canadian Justice Mobilizer ([email protected], 905-336-2920 x4123)

US Contact Info

Andrew Oppong, Justice Mobilization Specialist ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2386)

Social Justice - Climate Witness Project

The CRC believes that the global church has a crucial and necessary role to play if the world is to begin adequately addressing the threat of climate change. It’s time that the church stands up and is heard, and the CRC has launched an exciting campaign to do that through advocacy and making your church building more eco-friendly. You and your church can become Climate Witness Project participants.

Contact Info

Andrew Oppong, Justice Mobilization Specialist ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2386)


Established in 1865, The Banner is the official publication of the 289,000-member CRCNA. It seeks to inform, educate, challenge, and inspire members and leaders of the denomination. The Banner is sent at no charge to every CRC household. Advertising, such as job postings and church and family announcements, is available for churches and members through display and classified ads.

Contact Info

Classified Advertising ([email protected], 800-263-4252)
Display Advertising ([email protected], 800-224-5882)

Timothy Leadership Training Program - Raise Up

The Timothy Leadership Training Program is an interactive training for pastors and lay leaders. Our vision is to see healthy churches worldwide flourish and transform their communities under the leadership of those who have been equipped through accessible, high-quality training.

Contact Info

Albert Strydhorst, Timothy Leadership Training Program Manager ([email protected], 616-401-4341)


There are some things every ministry leader should know, regardless of role. Thriving Essentials is a new course to get all the ministry leaders in your church aligned on core concepts of mission, discipleship, discernment, and leadership. Four one-hour sessions provide refreshing insights and can serve as a springboard to deeper conversations about ministry in your local context. Thriving Essentials is funded through Lilly Endowment’s Thriving Congregations initiative.

Contact Info

Elaine May, Curriculum Developer ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2476)

THRIVE (previously Chaplaincy and Care)

Enlisting...endorsing...encouraging...enfolding! Thrive is here to help individuals who feel called into chaplaincy to find their way through the training and endorsement process. We also visit colleges and seminaries to talk with students about chaplaincy and provide grants for those involved in chaplaincy training. We then offer support to chaplains (through newsletters, visits, an annual conference, etc.) and encourage them to remain connected to and serve in their local church while encouraging the local church to remain connected to them.

Contact Info

Tim Rietkerk, Program Contact ([email protected], 800-279-9994 x2388)

THRIVE - (previously Women's Leadership)

Thrive's work in women’s leadership affirms and supports women in all levels of leadership. We help Christian Reformed churches and ministries create a culture in which, together, men and women thrive in pursuit of God’s mission in the world. Our goal is to invest in the future of women, ordained and non-ordained, to connect and explore new opportunities and resources to grow as leaders.

Contact Info

Elaine May, Women's Leadership Developer ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2476)


World Renew is a Christian non-profit organization that embraces a family-centered approach to alleviating poverty, hunger, and injustice in communities worldwide since 1962. Areas of focus include community development, emergency and long-term disaster response, and peace and justice work made possible by partnering with hundreds of thousands of families, churches, and organizations in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Canada Contact Info

Main: [email protected] | 888-975-3769 |
Jamie McIntosh, World Renew Canada Director ([email protected])

US Contact Info

Main: [email protected] | 800-552-7972 |
Carol Bremer-Bennett, World Renew US Director ([email protected])

World Renew - Diaconal and Community Transformation

The Church with Community program inspires, equips, and empowers deacons and other church leaders as they activate their congregation to join in God’s transforming work in communities across the United States. Through training, coaching, networking, and resources, we hope to increase the capacity of churches to practice a strengths (asset) based approach to mercy and justice within their communities.

US Contact Info

Jodi Koeman, Church with Community Coordinator ([email protected], 774-545-6707)

World Renew - Global Partnership Program

The Global Partnership Program facilitates in-depth relationships between churches in North America and churches in developing countries. Your church will participate in a reciprocal relationship that benefits both communities.

Contact Info

Chris Orme, Church and Community Engagement ([email protected], 888-975-3769 x4318)

World Renew - Global Volunteer Program (GVP)

World Renew’s GVP is your one-stop place for getting volunteers connected to international ministry partners. Whether you're interested in a one-week service and learning team, a tour to visit program sites, a six-month placement, or a multiyear internship, World Renew has a place for every volunteer.

Canada Contact Info

Maria Oliveira, Church and Community Engagement ([email protected])

US Contact Info

Kacey Spencer, Program Coordinator ([email protected])

World Renew - Disaster Response Services (DRS)

Volunteers can be involved with a North American disaster response team for one, two, or (usually) more weeks at a time, to rebuild homes and hope. Many skill levels are always needed.

Contact Info

DRS Staff ([email protected], 800-848-5818)

World Renew - International Disaster Response (IDR)

The International Disaster Response team assigns volunteer relief managers and leverages your gifts with other Christian organizations and government sources, to respond to natural disasters such as floods, droughts, earthquakes, and tropical storms, as well as human-caused wars and conflicts.

Contact Info

Donna Veenstra, Program Coordinator ([email protected])

World Renew - Refugee Sponsorship & Resettlement

If your congregation would like to consider sponsoring a family or individual, please contact World Renew’s refugee office for information and sponsorship resources.

Canada Contact Info

Information and Resources: [email protected], 888-975-3769

World Renew - Justice Moblizing

Teach a person to fish and they can eat for a lifetime but if there isn't access to the pond or if the pond is being polluted by neighbors there could still be trouble on the horizon. The Justice Mobilizing program supports people of faith to learn more about injustices that impact communities where World Renew is at work and to take action through civic engagement.

Canada Contact Info

Cindy Stover, Canadian Justice Mobilizer ([email protected], 800-730-3490)

US Contact Info

Kris Van Engen, Justice Mobilizer ([email protected], 616-224-0812)

THRIVE - (previously Worship Ministry)

Whether you are a paid staff person or a volunteer in a large, medium, or small congregation, whatever your role in planning worship, we are here to serve you, learn from you, and share best practices from around the denomination. Check out Thrive's website for great resources as well as ways to connect with other worship leaders through a monthly e-newsletter and Facebook page.

Contact Info

Katie Ritsema-Roelofs, Program Contact ([email protected], 877-279-9994 x2313)


This section of the directory includes links to organizations in Canada that can serve your congregation well. They are not Christian Reformed organizations but are entities that have a good history with the CRC and have done good work with many local churches and church leaders.

OTHER MINISTRIES - All Ontario Youth Convention (AOYC)

The annual Ontario convention for 900+ youth and leaders.


Showing God’s love for all creation.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Beginnings Family Services

National, non-profit, faith-based family services provider.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Bethesda Christian Association

Serving individuals with different abilities and their families in B.C. since 1971.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Bible League of Canada

The living word transforming lives.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Christian Automotive Repair Service (CARS)

A non-profit organization assisting needy households with automotive maintenance and repairs through volunteers.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Canadian Council of Churches

Working together to embody ecumenical, Christian "unity in diversity."

OTHER MINISTRIES - Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB)

A Christian response to hunger.


Dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Cascade Christian Counselling

Providing service in Surrey, Abbotsford, and Smithers, B.C.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Calvinist Cadet Corp

An independent youth ministry organization providing resources that enable boys to share Christ's love.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Chalmers Center

Helping churches walk alongside the poor.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Christian Courier

An independent biweekly that seeks to engage creatively in critical Christian journalism.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Christian Stewardship Services (CSS)

Assisting Christians in planning, giving and managing their God-given financial resources.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Serving the poor, saving the lost, through the church, across the nation.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC)

Serving as a shining light for restorative approaches to justice and corrections.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Citizens for Public Justice

Inspired by faith to act for justice

OTHER MINISTRIES - Dynamic Youth Ministries

The umbrella organization for Calvinist Cadet Corps, GEMS Girls' Clubs, and ThereforeGo Ministries.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Edudeo Ministries

Serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC)

Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Family Outreach Ontario Christian Addiction Support Services

Helping families with alcohol and substance abuse.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Fuller Youth Institute (FYI)

Helping churches equip teens with lifelong faith.


The GEMS Girls' Clubs provide resources to bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Gideons International in Canada

Sharing God’s Word and communicating the gospel message to people of all ages and walks of life.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Hope Centre Ministries

Celebrating the gifts and uniqueness of individuals who live with disabilities and supporting them in their walk with God and their faith community.


Hope and homes for all.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Institute for Christian Studies (ICS)

A tradition of inquiry, a spirit of engagement.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada

Committed to inspiring youth, students and graduates to follow Jesus.


Canadian churches working together for justice and peace


Reflecting God’s restorative and inclusive love within the criminal justice system and wider society.


A global community of Christians with a passion and commitment for integral mission.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Ministry to Seafarers – Montreal (M2S)

Dedicated to caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of seafarers visiting the Port of Montreal.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Ministry to Seafarers – Vancouver

Serving the seafarers whose ships dock at Roberts Bank and Vancouver harbour.

OTHER MINISTRIES - NAIM (North America Indegenous Ministries)

Serving with all nations to reach all nations.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Niagara Life Centre

Inspiring positive life change.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Partners Worldwide – Canada (PWC)

Combining a global network, a proven model, and a foundation of faith, we're working to end poverty in all parts of the world.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Redeemer University College

Undergraduate university offering programs in the arts, sciences and education from a Reformed Biblical worldview.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Reformed Church in America (RCA)

A fellowship of congregations called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the very presence of Jesus Christ in the world.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Rehoboth Christian Ministries

Serving people with disabilities. Helping them flourish.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Shalem Mental Health Network

Healing, restoration, and community for all.


Seeking to foster collaboration among people and organizations involved in addressing poverty.

OTHER MINISTRIES - The King's University

A Christian institution located in Edmonton and serving northern Alberta, western Canada, and beyond.

OTHER MINISTRIES - ThereforeGo Ministries

Encouraging, supporting, equipping and partnering with congregations across North America through mission trips and events for youth.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Under the Fig Tree Ministries

Biblical study tours that bring the land and lessons of the Bible to life.

OTHER MINISTRIES - World Communion of Reformed Churches

Called to communion, committed to justice.

OTHER MINISTRIES - Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada

Community transformation through Bible translation, use of translated scriptures, mother-tongue literacy and education.