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Creeds and Confessions

Belhar Confession Resources

The Belhar Confession is a gift from the church to the church. By highlighting God’s call to unity, justice, and reconciliation, the Belhar reminds us that when we profess our faith in Christ, we do so as part of the global church. And belonging to the global church comes with responsibilities, each part being accountable to the others.

Ten Ways My Reformed Identity Shapes My Life

This resource warmly and clearly articulates ten answers to the question “What difference does being Reformed make in my daily life?”

The Big Question

The Big Question is a four-session course for teens or intergenerational groups on Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 1. This short, informal study combines faith formation practices with catechism exploration so that heart and head work together to grow faith. The easy-to-lead format requires little advance preparation and can be taught by anyone who is comfortable leading a group.