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Faith Formation Ministries has joined with eight other Christian Reformed ministries to better equip and encourage congregations. Our new name is Thrive.

While our name may have changed, we’re still as committed as ever to encourage and equip churches and individuals to practice lifelong faith and missional discipleship. We continue to listen, provide consulting and resources that fit your unique context, and we walk alongside you and your church as you encounter the challenges and opportunities of growing in resilient, intentional, holistic faith.

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Equip & Encourage

Got Faith Formation Challenges? We're Here to Help!

Thrive’s Regional Connectors (RCs) have one goal: to help you strengthen the faith formation efforts in your congregation. Learn how our Regional Connectors provide supportive coaching to equip and encourage your ministry.

Faith Formation Toolkits

These free online resource collections offer practical ideas and tips gathered from the best articles, books, websites, videos, and more.