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Family Faith Formation Toolkit

This toolkit will help you develop a vision for family faith formation in your congregation and equip parents and caregivers with family faith practices and resources!


"Family faith is formed at home, but it’s also formed in community life as together we include, encourage, and equip families. In community we show by our actions that families are part of a bigger tribe—God’s family, their church—and that the body of Christ is with them every step of the way."

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New Catechism Course: The Big Question

Looking for a new catechism study? Check out The Big Question! This informal four-session study combines faith formation practices with catechism exploration so that heart and head work together to grow faith.

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Children and Communion

While each child’s developmental path is unique, there are common patterns in how children’s understanding of the Lord’s Supper typically unfolds. This two-page resource summarizes those patterns from preschool through the teenage years.

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Spiritual Characteristics of Children and Teens

While each person’s spiritual journey is unique, there are common patterns. This helpful brochure explores how children and teens of different ages experience God and grow in faith. It’s great for youth workers, pastors, teachers, and parents.

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