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Abuse Awareness

Worship Resources for Abuse Awareness Sunday 2022

As a denomination, we have designated every fourth Sunday in September: Abuse Awareness Sunday. We invite every congregation to plan their worship service, litany, and sermon/message around the theme of abuse awareness.

The 2022 theme for Abuse Awareness Sunday is "Safe Church Basics: Five Steps to a Safer Church".

Do you feel overwhelmed by the task of making your church safe and resistant to abuse?  Are you struggling with identifying what more your church can do to prevent and respond to abuse? For Abuse Awareness Sunday, as well as for our year-long webinar series, we are going back to the basics of abuse prevention awareness and response by focusing on five steps to becoming a safer church.

This Network article shares a variety of resources for Abuse Awareness Sunday 2022: Safe Church Basics: Five Steps to a Safer Church. It includes a list of this year's webinar series that will focus on the five steps to a safer church:
1. The Safe Church Assessment tool
2. Make/Revise Policy
3. Screening and Training Volunteers
4. Practice Being Restorative
5. Respond to Abuse with Justice and Compassion

Safe Church Newsletter

Every other month we send out Safe Church Community News—it's one way we share about the many movements of Safe Church. Hopefully it will inspire you to live out this ministry in your local context. View the most recent issues and subscribe.