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Abuse Awareness

As a denomination, we have designated every fourth Sunday in September: Abuse Awareness Sunday. We invite every congregation to plan their worship service, litany, and sermon/message around the theme of abuse awareness. If you are looking for resources for worship, you will find a variety resources, sermon samples and blogs on The Network.


The 2021 theme for Abuse Awareness Sunday is "Safe Church Ministry: Not just a Policy, a Way of Being the Church". Most of us, when we think of abuse prevention and awareness, think of windows in doors and abuse prevention policies. While these are certainly helpful, Safe Church would like to invite churches to imagine a more holistic approach to nurturing a safe and healthy church community where abuse itself becomes unthinkable and where survivors feel supported and safe. The insert provides some great ideas for reflection and consideration to move beyond policies to a way of being church.

View the bulletin insert and read a blog on this topic, Considering Trees, Mycorrhiza and Safe Church Ministry: A Holistic Culture of Thriving Connections.

In addition, we have particular themes with corresponding bulletin inserts/ flyers that are available for your congregation free of cost. You can see all of the themes listed below, just click on the theme you are interested in to find the bulletin insert (which can be ordered from Faith Alive, along with a variety of other resources related to the topic. Keep in mind, if the fourth Sunday in September doesn't work, these resources remain available to use at another time. Any day is a good day for greater abuse awareness.