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Transferring Ordination From Another Denomination (Article 8)

Ministers who are ordained in other denominations can become ministers in the CRCNA if they receive a call from a Christian Reformed church, and that call is approved by the classis. This route to CRC ministry is especially used for those who wish to plant churches, those whose congregations also desire to affiliate with the CRC, or those who are pastors of ethnic minority populations.  

This process of affiliation involves completion of a learning plan and submission of other documents, followed by a “colloquium doctum”, a conversation between the classis and the minister about their doctrine and life. Before a colloquium doctum can be scheduled, approval must be given by the Director of Candidacy, based on the successful completion of learning plan and required documents.  

Read more about this Article 8 process in the CRCNA Church Order (use the bookmarks/outline on the left side of the page to navigate to the appropriate article.) For more specific information regarding the Article 8 process see Journey Toward Ordination (pages 27-32).

Ministers and classes who desire to move towards this path of ordination, should begin by contacting Rev. Susan LaClear, Director of Candidacy.

See this Article 8 Process Guide and Checklist for an outline of the process of affiliation from beginning to end. This document also contains links to all the forms that need to be submitted to the Candidacy Director.

K.I.M. (Korean Institute in Ministry) is a program that helps orient Korean-speaking pastors to the doctrines and practices of the Christian Reformed denomination. Many Christian Reformed classes (regional bodies) use this program as the learning plan for the article 8 process of transferring an ordained Korean pastor's credentials to the CRC (it can also be used as a learning plan for Korean-speaking commissioned pastors entering through Article 23/24). The KIM program begins each May with an online orientation, then participants complete video coursework throughout the summer and attend a final connection event in Grand Rapids, Michigan in October. It is hosted by the Korean CRC Ministry, in partnership with the Candidacy Office and Calvin Theological Seminary. Learn more about the KIM program or contact Chris Choe with questions.

For Spanish-speaking pastors from other denominations, the CRCNA offers a program called S.L.I.M. (Spanish Language Institute in Ministry) as a brief orientation to the Christian Reformed Church. A more in-depth learning plan through Revelations University called "Luke 10" can serve as a learning plan for ordained pastors entering through article 8 or those working towards ordination as a commissioned pastor. Contact Harold Caicedo with questions or for more information about Luke 10 or SLIM.