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Forms and Resources

Here are some tools for CMLT leaders, stated clerks and pastors who want to give guidance to someone on their journey towards ordination.

Journey Towards Ordination gives a helpful overview of the following routes:

  • the “seminary training route” (church order article 6)
  • the “exceptional giftedness route” (church order article 7) 
  • the route for those ordained in other denominations (church order article 8)
  • the route to ordination as a Commissioned Pastor (church order article 23)

The Commissioned Pastor Handbook is a helpful and comprehensive guide to the Commissioned Pastor Route.

The EPMC Handbook is a helpful and comprehensive guide to the EPMC program.

NEW resource for CMLTs (Classis Ministerial Leadership Teams): Check out this new Process Guide for CMLTs.


Forms for Article 6 (the Calvin seminary and EPMC training route )


Classis Initial Report
Classis Report
Classis Recommendation
Council Recommendation for Potential Seminary Student
Description of the 24-Month Candidacy Program
Guidelines for Classis Examinations of Candidates  


Candidacy Mentor Handbook
CTS Vocation Formation Mentor Year One Report

Initial Mentor Report
Mentor Report Form
Mentor Recommendation


Resources For All Pre-Candidates:
Candidate's Application to Council
Chaplaincy Guidelines
CRCNA Licensure Application
Guidelines for Guest Preachers
Preaching Evaluation Form
Instruction Details for Bible Content Exam
Advice to CTS Students Regarding “Official Acts of Ministry”
Council Recommendation

Resources For CTS Participants:
Candidacy Process Overview–CTS students

Resources For EPMC Participants:
EPMC Overview and Checklist
Template for Writing a Vocational Formation Plan 
Supervised Ministry Report Form

For a full description of what the two-year candidacy process entails, see the Candidacy Process page.

Classis Forms for Article 8 (for those ordained in other denominations) - English

Process Guide and Checklist - This document outlines the whole process, with links, to all supporting documents below.

Doc #1 Personal Application for Ordination in the CRC
Doc #2 Recommendation From Former Local Church or Ministry  - Article 8 Applicants
Doc #3 Recommendation From Former Regional Body - Article 8 Applicants
Doc #4 Instructions for Document 4 in the Article 8 Affiliation Process
Doc #5 Application From a Local CRC Church Council  - Article 8 Applicants
Doc #6 Classis Ministerial Leadership Team (CMLT) Recommendation Form
Doc #7 Instructions for Document 7 in the Article 8 Affiliation Process
Doc #8 Instructions for Document 8 in the Article 8 Affiliation Process
Doc #9 Instructions for Document 9 in the Article 8 Affiliation Process
Doc #10 Background Check and Personal Disclosure and Authorization
Doc #11 Mentor Designation Form - Article 8 Applicants
Doc #12 Local CRC Council Final Recommendation Form - Article 8 Applicants
Doc #13 Final Endorsements - Article 8 Candidates
Creating an Individualized Learning Plan for Article 8
Individualized Learning Plan for Article 8 (Template)

Classis Forms for Article 8 in Korean/English

Article 8 Process Guide and Checklist (explains the entire Article 8 process)

Classis Forms for Article 23/24

Article 23/24 Process Guide and Checklist
Agreement for Use of Art. 24b
Application Form for Classis in Appointing a Commissioned Pastor
Commissioned Pastor Learning Plan Template
Training Programs For Commissioned Pastors
Guidelines and Sample Questions for the Preparation and Examination of CRC Ministry Leaders
Psychological Evaluation for Ministerial Candidates

Rev. Susan LaClear, Director of Candidacy, is available to consult with any classis representative or individual who has questions about pastoral ordination.