Candidacy Committee

Our mission is to encourage and enable people to find their way into ordained ministry in the CRC.

We’re here to serve as a resource for those looking into ministry, and to serve as a resource for those who lead and guide others through the CRC denominational ordination processes.

Latest News

July 13: ELIM (Ethnic Leaders in Ministry) -

A new program, tentatively called ELIM (Ethnic Leaders in Ministry — an English language version of the KIM program for multi-ethic leaders moving toward ordination in the CRC), is now scheduled for September 11-19, 2017.

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May 8: EPMC Program, August 28-31, 2017 -

August 28-31, 2017 is the date for one of the two yearly orientation events for the EPMC program (Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidates).

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Here is an overview of the grand variety of resources that are available online.
Here is a description of tools available online for use in the journey toward the loca
The EPMC (Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidates) is a program designed for those who earn their M.Div. degree at seminaries other than Calvin Theological Seminary and who desire to become candidates for ministry in the Christian Reformed Church.
Here's the listing of ministry candidates who are currently eligible for call.
The following persons are completing the candidacy process for presentation to Synod 2017. Churches may have conversations about ministry positions with these persons.
Meet the committee members, who give many hours of their time to this important task.
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