The following candidates for ministry in the Christian Reformed Church are declared eligible for call (however, those marked with an asterisk have not completed all candidacy requirements. They may be interviewed but may not accept a call until they complete their requirements).

Churches and ministries seeking to extend a call to a candidate are advised to determine visa status relative to country of citizenship and country of service. More complete profiles may be obtained by search committees by emailing

Candidates who need to submit changes for this page may send them by email to Jill.

Joel S. Altena
Joel has accepted a call from Eastern Avenue CRC to serve as University Chaplain at LCC International University in Klaipėda, Lithuania.

Israel Alvarado
(616) 446-2053

Ram S. Aryal
(616) 819-0765

Seth Atsma
(360) 990-6376

Steven Berkenpas
(778) 991-7444

Jonathan Bosma
Jon has accepted a call to serve as Pastor at Bethel CRC in Zeeland, MI.

Christopher L. Bouma
Christopher has accepted a call to serve as Pastor at Ideal Park CRC in Wyoming, MI.

Luke Carrig
(616) 566-9469

Yoon Chul Choi
Languages: Korean, Spanish, and English
(647) 772-9649

John Cleveringa
John has accepted a call to Haven CRC in Zeeland, MI.

Dan Crapo
(612) 669-3697

Jason Douglas Crossen
Jason has accepted a call to serve as Minister of the Word at Agassiz CRC in Agassiz, BC.

Zack DeBruyne
Zack has been called by Trinity (St Catharines) to serve as campus pastor at Brock University.

Cara DeHaan
Cara has accepted a call to Faith CRC in Burlington, Ontario.

Elisabeth De Vries
(616) 218-7909

Abigail DeZeeuw
(231) 884-1114

Brad Diekema
(616) 570-4771

Steven Dykstra

Christopher Ganski
Chris will continue his ministry at City Reformed Church in Milwaukee, WI, as a commissioned pastor, until he completes his remaining requirements for candidacy.

Daniel J Gregory, Sr.
(847) 989-9648

Benjamin Gresik
(613) 483-6235

Nathan Groenewold
(616) 635-8957

Robert Gruessing
(616) 748-0493

Aaron Gunsaulus
Aaron has accepted a call to serve as Minister of the Word at Newton CRC in Newton, IA.

John Kyu Hahn
(909) 569-8068

Cris Harper
(949) 680-7655

Jeff Hoos
(616) 990-8502

Sarah Kim Hoos
(312) 972-3983

Libby Huizenga*
(616) 485-0024

Joseph Hwang
Languages: English and Korean
(616) 916-5346

Mark A Janowski II
Mark has accepted a call to serve as Pastor or Discipleship and Youth at Community CRC of Roselawn in Roselawn, IN.

Daniel Joo
(616) 264-4613

Seok Won Jung
Shaun (Seok Won) has accepted a call to continue his service as Minister of the Word at the Tapestry in Richmond, BC.

Kiseok Kang*
(832) 298-2821

Jungseong (Samuel) Kim
Samuel Jungseong has accepted a call to serve as Young Adult Ministries Leader at Hahn-In CRC in Wyoming, MI.

Noah Kruis
Noah has accepted a call to serve as a National Organizer & Trainer with Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training, with Creston CRC in Grand Rapids, MI as his calling church.

Marcel Kuiper 
Marcel has accepted a call as Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Community Life at Fellowship Church in St. Thomas, ON.

Hannah Ryou Lee
(616) 304-9575

Aaron Mamuyac
(772) 321-2818

Anthony Matias
(201) 873-8287

Timothy J. McHugh*
(973) 985-9307

Matthew Mulder

Katrina Olson
(269) 377-5643

Jennifer Palkowski
(269) 270-7742

Shawn Richardson*
(205) 703-3044

Janet Ryzebol
Janet has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of Community at Covenant CRC in St Catharines, ON.

Courtney Saldivar
(905) 818-8158

Kyle J. Sandison
(616) 745-4313

Ivan Santoso
(765) 586-7896

Bailey Sarver
(641) 780-8260

Garrett Saul
Garrett has accepted a call to the Terra Ceia CRC in Pantego, NC.

Terence Schilstra*
(905) 359-4004

Ryan Schreider
Ryan was a candidate from 2008-2012, and was reinstated as a candidate by Synod 2019 — he is working out a call with his current home church, Grace GRC, in Grand Rapids, MI.

Mitchell Sheahan
Mitchell is being called and ordained by 2nd Byron CRC in Byron Center (Classis Grandville), and they will loan him to The Bridge (RCA) in Portage, MI in order to plant a new church in SW Michigan about 12-18 months from now.

Hilary Smith
(587) 589-3472

Sharon Smith
(616) 452-9052

Loretta Stadt
Loretta has accepted a call as co-pastor at Avenue, a church plant out of mosaicHouse in Edmonton, AB.

Jaleesa Stanford
(616) 250-7391

Brad Stolman
(231) 667-4146

Jason Terpstra
(616) 648-6871

Gale Tien
Gale Tien has accepted a call as Pastor of Discipleship at Messiah CRC in Hudsonville, MI. A classis examination is currently being planned, so Gale's name will remain on the candidate list until that is completed.

Rebecca Tjapkes
(616) 843-1313

Kathy Vana
(231) 667-4146

Thomas Van Wyk
(616) 323-3613

Femke Visser-Elenbaas
(289) 887-2201

Kristopher Walhof
Kristopher was a candidate from 2012 - 2016, and was reinstated as a candidate by Synod 2019 — he is working out a call with a mission agency in Africa.

Klaas Walhout
(616) 516-9636

Chad Werkhoven*
(509) 839-2423

William R. Whitt
(772) 242-3386

Josiah Youngquist
Josiah has accepted a call by Boston Square CRC to serve on loan to Ebeneezer RCA in Oregon, IL.