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The E.P.M.C. (Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidates) is designed for those who have earned their M.Div. degree at a seminary other than Calvin Theological Seminary, and desire to become candidates in the Christian Reformed Church. It can be engaged in-residence or via distance learning.

The desired outcomes of the EPMC program is for participants to:

  • Have developed a deep sense of call, commitment and connection to the CRC.
  • Embrace and apply a confessionally-Reformed, biblical hermeneutic that shapes their preaching and teaching ministry.
  • Exhibit spiritual and emotional readiness for pastoral ministry
  • Demonstrate competency in a range of areas of pastoral ministry

The program includes the following components: 

  • Nine credits of coursework through Calvin Seminary
  • A 24-month mentorship with a local CRC pastor
  • Two connection events for orientation to the denomination
  • Vocational Formation work
  • Formation group conversations

For a more detailed overview of the contents of the program, see this EPMC overview and checklist.

Apply to the EPMC Program

EPMC Facilitation Team

The EPMC program is overseen by the EPMC Facilitation Team, a sub-committee of the Candidacy Committee. A team of two from this committee is assigned to each participant upon entry into the program to provide guidance and support, from initial conversation about the individual learning plan, to a final conversation of reflection on the participant’s growth and readiness for ministry.

Forms and Resources for the EPMC Program

You are encouraged to contact Rev. Susan LaClear, Director of Candidacy for the Christian Reformed Church. She will be glad to answer questions and offer guidance. If you have any problems finding the documents you are looking for please contact us.