Journey Toward Ordination

This page is a springboard into the grand variety of the resources available on this site. Through the links on this page you can:

1. Find out about discerning a call to ministry as a vocation

“Finding that “sweet spot” where our abilities and interests align with God’s purposes and the world’s needs is something many of us long to achieve. The resources listed below are provided to help you discern and discover the how and the where and the what about the way God is calling you.”

This is the introductory statement to a site which can guide you to consider ordained pastoral ministry as a vocation. Spend some time exploring the site.  Then spend some time talking about your search with trusted friends, and with God.

2. Access to the basic “textbook” about CRC ordination routes. 

The Christian reformed church has two types of pastoral ordination. The title “Minister of the Word”  is used to describe those ordained to denomination wide ministry in the CRC.  There is also a localized ordination with the title, “Commissioned Pastor”.  Information on both ordinations is available on this web site, and in the "The Journey Toward Ordination in the CRC."

3. Tools for the Routes to Ordained Ministry

a. Obtain guidance for the “seminary training” route  (Church Order Article 6).

b. Obtain guidance for the “exceptional giftedness" route  (Church Order Article 7).

c. Obtain guidance for the route for those already ordained in another denomination (Church Order Article 8).

d. Find out about ordination as a Commissioned Pastor (Church Order Article 23).

4. Access additional resources for individuals and committees on the ordination journey.

See our list of additional resources.