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Educational Resources

Below you’ll find a variety of educational resources to help your congregation in welcoming children to the Lord’s table. Browse intergenerational events that center on the Lord’s Supper, children’s ministry/Sunday school sessions on the Lord’s Supper (preschool to middle school and large group/small group), courses on communion for children and families, and more.

For Children

Communion Courses

  • The Lord's Supper – From Church of the Servant (Grand Rapids, MI), a course for parents and children
  • Promises, Promises – At First CRC in Denver, Colorado, children ages 4-10, along with elders, are invited to attend this two-session Faith Milestone Retreat. Written by Pastors Joy Engelsman and Joel Schreurs, the retreat is designed to help children “learn more about who God is and understand the promise he makes to us and confirms through us, by the sacraments of baptism and communion.”  During the retreat the children have the opportunity to fill out "Testimony Pages"  Attending the event is marked as a milestone and celebrated in church the Sunday following the retreat. All children are encouraged to attend the retreat when they wish to do so, but they do not have to attend the retreat in order to participate in the Lord’s Supper. Children are also welcome to attend the retreat more than once.
  • Children at the Table – From Fleetwood CRC (Surrey, BC), a communion course for children and parents
  • Taste and See is a two-session course on the sacraments intended for families and filled with meaningful, hands-on activities to help children understand their baptism and prepare for participation in the Lord's Supper. It comes with complete instructions for each one-hour session—including Bible backgrounds, helpful tips, and reproducible resources—making it easy for a pastor or other church leader to facilitate.

Sunday School and Mid-week Sessions



For Adults