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Worship Resources

On these pages you’ll find ideas for enhancing the participation of children/young teens (and all ages!) in the Lord’s Supper through understandable language, meaningful visuals and

active engagement. We’ve also included brochures developed by CRC's for worshippers as introduction to their Lord’s Supper practices. How does your congregation welcome children to the table? Tell us at [email protected].

Children’s Messages and Blessings

Ideas and Approaches

Brochures from CRCs

Communion at Evergreen Ministries – A brochure that both explains the process at this church to worshippers and encourages families as they talk about communion with their children at home.

The Lord’s Supper – A brochure from Eastern Avenue CRC that provides helpful information for worshippers of all ages and includes answers to practical questions such as: “What is the Lord’s Supper?” “What happens during the Lord’s Supper?” “What could I tell a child during the Lord’s Supper, to make the feast more meaningful for him or her?” and more.

What Does Harderwyk Say About The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper? – A brochure describing the practices at this church regarding welcoming children to the table.