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The CRC has encouraged each classis to have a Safe Church Team and each church to have a representative on that team. Safe Church Teams support healthy churches in three ways:

  1. provide educational opportunities for churches regarding issues surrounding abuse
  2. offer the Advisory Panel Process when an adult brings an allegation of abuse against a church leader, and
  3. help churches provide compassionate support for those who struggle with abuse.

PowerPoint Presentations to Adapt and Use

Safe Church provides training for Safe Church Teams so that they can be a resource for churches. The following PowerPoint presentations are for Safe Church Team members to use for educational purposes in their churches and classis:

Sample Training for Councils and Ministry Leaders

Safe Church recommends that all CRC office bearers and ministry leaders receive training in abuse awareness to help congregations better recognize and respond effectively to abuse, as well as to change the culture of denial and silence that allows abuse to thrive. This training resource can help safe church team members facilitate training for office bearers and ministry leaders to make our congregations safer places for everyone.

Additional Resources

Safe Church Teams