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Hunting Park Film Series

Welcome to Hunting Park 

This vibrant and resilient community in Philadelphia, while plagued with the harsh realities of the climate crisis and environmental injustice, is stepping up and pursuing faithful climate action. Travel through this neighborhood by clicking on the map below and exploring stories that may inspire you to step up in your own community for climate action.

Study Guide

The Hunting Park Bible Study Series is a six-week study designed to help you faithfully engage and confront the climate crisis in church groups, youth groups, community organizations, and more.

This study explores not only the biblical call for creation care but prompts action steps towards policy change and resilience building. Each week’s study is aimed and tailored to cover a specific theme, ranging from the concept of environmental justice to the immense power of public policy and Christian organizing and advocacy.

The study guide suggests concrete action steps to apply the lesson theme to daily living. The session lengths can be flexible, but we recommend one hour per session.

Additional Resources

Take Action

Check out these energy saving tips that can help you to save carbon emissions.  Or take our net-zero Lent challenge.

We invite you to use a search engine to look up tree planting in your area and to see if you can add to your community’s tree canopy or invest in a local community garden! Here are a few examples: 


Explore Your Own Town

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed an environmental justice (EJ) mapping and screening tool called EJScreen for the United States. It is based on nationally consistent data and an approach that combines environmental and demographic indicators in maps and reports to help users learn about environmental issues.

Data and maps that include Canada and the rest of the globe can be found at the Environmental Justice Atlas.


According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, people living in poverty had a 1.35 times higher pollution burden than did the overall population, and non-Whites had a 1.28 times higher burden. 

Take Action

  • A powerful advocacy tool for clean energy is your investment dollars. Whether it's mutual funds or your IRA, by taking money out of fossil fuel companies and instead investing those dollars in companies with a commitment to sustainability, you’ll be making a tangible difference.  Get started by watching our investing webinar.
  • If advocacy is new to you, start by exploring our action center which includes pre-written letters to representatives.  It’s easy to add your contact information and thoughts to the form. 
  • The Purple Air Monitor system allows individuals and institutions to purchase and install low cost air monitors on their home or facility.  These air monitors measure a wide range of air quality issues and connect to an online global map that allows communities to look at their air quality in real time.  The more air monitors that are set up, the more neighborhoods are able to check their air quality and press for better pollution and emissions standards.  Might your church become a monitor of local air quality for the sake of the community?  Or if your community's air is very clean, might you be able to donate one to a church in a neighborhood with worse air quality?  You can learn more and purchase your own air monitor at:

Hunting Park Community Solar Initiative

Learn more at

Take Action

Here are some links that can get you started in your search for solar. We invite you to check out Unbound Solar to learn about solar incentives at the state level in the U.S., and to learn about all the rebates and grants available in both the United States and Canada.

Check out these energy saving tips that can help you to save carbon emissions.  Or take our net-zero Lent challenge.

Take Action

The Climate Witness Project has free worship resources to help your church celebrate our Creator God and to highlight our role as stewards of creation.

Start a church-based creation care team to continue your actions started here. We’re here to help [email protected] and you can check out our fun recipe for starting a creation care team.

Rev Allen Drew has created a 3-part theological deep dive into the Biblical calling for the church to take action on the climate crisis.  You can access this series by going to

Other Stories 

Be inspired by the story of this Climate Witness Project partner church.  Their creation care efforts has opened doors for them to share the gospel!   

Take Action 

Watch this talk from Christian climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe where she explains why having conversations about climate change is so critical.  

Don't be intimidated by advocacy.  Check out the online Faith in Action workshop for a step by step guide to choosing an advocacy topic and developing an advocacy message. 


Check out this story of one Climate Witness Project partner whose preparation for advocacy paid off (in an elevator)!  

Hear the reflections of Climate Witness Project advocates right after they met with legislators.  Each of these people  used the Faith in Action training to prepare.


Be inspired by this video story of Church of the Servant and the various ways they're practising stewardship through their property.

This Ontario church received a local grant to add a rain garden to their property.  What creative thinking!