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The CRC has always affirmed that the gospel must be proclaimed in both word and deed, and that a fundamental part of both proclaiming and living out the good news in this world is to raise our voice to our public officials. Public policy has tremendous power to promote justice, flourishing, and the common good—or to entrench systems of oppression and exploitation. When it comes to climate change, just policy is critical in order to move the U.S. and Canada forward toward meeting the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement, committing to a major drop in global emissions and the use of fossil fuels for energy production.

Climate Witness congregations have already been advocating with lawmakers and building long-term relationships with their legislators’ offices. Building these relationships and making decision makers aware of our concerns is a key piece of the Climate Witness Project (CWP), and the CWP staff are committed to walking with you and your congregation as you do this work. We can help set up meetings, offer coaching on how to conduct a legislative visit, provide talking points, and more! We want to help you raise your voice on behalf of God’s creation and alongside our neighbors around the world who are poor and vulnerable.

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Contact your elected officials about the climate.