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Practicing Wonder as a Family

Wonder is one faith practice in which you might follow your kids’ lead. Children naturally overflow with wonder, and they have much to teach those of us who are older! But as a parent you can cultivate an environment that makes wonder and wondering part of your family’s life together.

Making room for wonder

  • Check out 5 Ways to Wonder with Kids, one of our Dwell at Home resources.
  • It’s harder to feel wonder when you’re anxious, busy, or late. Life with kids can be overwhelming at times, so it’s important to practice slowing down, breathing deeply, listening well, and savoring special moments together.
  • Cultivating Wonder and Awe in Our Children from has a great list of wonder-inspiring activities for families.

Wondering about God’s creation

  • The short article Practice: Be Open to Wonder suggests keeping a wonder journal or setting up a “wonder table” in your home. Both ideas suggest great ways to remember wonder-full things you’ve seen in God’s world. Search for ideas.
  • Picture books are great “windows on wonder.” Choose books that make you go “Wow,” that ask open-ended questions, and that encourage creativity and imagination.
  • Intentionally plan outings and vacations that will take you to wonder-inducing locations. Point kids to God as the creator of all things big and small.

Wondering about God’s story