Classis Renewal Coordinator

The Classis Renewal Coordinator serves as a resource to the CRCNA Classes to strengthen their health and ministry. While this particular position officially began in Summer 2016, it builds on a long history of classis renewal. Some of the current focuses are: coordinating the support and training for functionaries, coaching Classes who are looking to organize around mission & ministry in fresh ways, and implementing recommendations from the Better Together report. While these are the initial focuses, the position is designed to be flexible to best support the ministry of Classes. Contact Al Postma to discuss anything and everything to do with Classis.

The Classis Network

The Network is a site where people around the denomination come to share stories, resources, and have conversations about ministry. Classis has its own section. It's a one-stop place for everything classis - resources, articles, discussions, and much more. Check it out, sign-up, and join in the conversation!

Classis Renewal Group

"Classis Renewal is a movement that grew out of the long term work of many classes to refresh and renew their culture and their effectiveness." Renewal focuses on self-assessment, strategic planning, and determining the mission focus of a Classis (by working through a discernment process to create a mission statement.) Renewal also means that a Classis is not just a business meeting, but has a ministry function of its own, one which includes prayer, discernment, mutual encouragement, and spiritual growth as a Classis body and the member congregations.

A Classis Renewal Group exists at the denominational level to serve the regional classis bodies and their leaders toward classis renewal and healthy ministry life. The group is composed of staff from a number of denominational ministries, and serves under the coordination of the denominational Director of Ministries and Administration, Colin Watson. The hope and prayer of this group is that, in partnership with Classis leaders, they will be able to support Classis as they:

  • Work purposefully and creatively to be a healthy assembly of the church
  • Plan and participate in regional resource networks and other venues of collaboration
  • Encoureage prayer, spiritual growth and faithful Christian living among leaders and congregations
  • Share learning, stories, and helpful practices
  • Connect pastoral and other congregational leaders with coaching and other resources
  • Advocate that the church’s expectations for both good order and creative approach are fulfilled.
  • Monitor benchmarks of classical vitality and take action as appropriate.

The Classis Renewal initiative is not new. It began as an inter-agency ad hoc team over twenty years ago. To see some of the newest imaginings regarding the work of Classis you can review section VI of the report from the Task Force Reviewing Structure and Culture. (Agenda for Synod, pp. 364-368). A recent letter from Colin Watson describes a variety of initiatives addressing classis and regional resourcing.