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Newly ordained pastors, as well as those entering the CRC from other denominations, are required to have mentors for the first five years of their ordained ministry. Mentors are experienced pastors, usually from within the classis, available to help with personal and spiritual matters, professional practices and pastoral formation. Ideally, new pastors choose their mentors and initiate contact toward this relationship, but regional pastors are also available to assist in finding a suitable mentor. Learn more about this mentoring ministry.

Pastor Church Resources maintains an updated roster of these mentoring relationships, receiving current information from the regional pastors. Mentors may also be assigned or requested on an ad hoc basis in times of significant stress or trouble. Though only required during the first five years of ministry, being involved in mentoring relationships, both as mentor and mentee is encouraged as a career-long, life-giving practice. A helpful training tool,Toward Effective Pastoral Mentoring, is provided to every minister upon ordination. Hard copies are available through Faith Alive Christian Resources.