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Stated Clerks

Each classis has a stated clerk who, on behalf of classis, ensures accurate records/minutes of all classis proceedings, manages the various communications of classis from routine correspondence to official communications relative to ministerial credentials, congregational status and overtures to synod.  A stated clerk also ensures that the protocols and decisions of the classis conform to the Church Order of the CRCNA. In addition it’s not uncommon for the Stated Clerk to be asked for advice on particular questions from congregational clerks who need to know how to properly observe classis or denominational procedures.

Each of the dozens and dozens of pieces of official correspondence, forms, records, and all manner of denominational requirements are handled by the Stated Clerk. This person is so much more than a recording secretary for the classis.  In fact, the Stated Clerk often functions as a sort of counselor to classis to make sure that all the protocols and formalities are observed.

For more information contact:
Joel Vande Werken, Interim Director of Synodical Services
(616) 224-0827