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Want your congregation to be equipped to love our neighbors in tangible ways and work toward just public policies? Participate in one of our workshops! In this video our workshop facilitators give an overview of our Church Between Borders, Creation Care and Climate Justice, Immigration is Our Story and Faith in Action workshops.

To set up a virtual workshop, contact us at [email protected]

Immigration is our story

Immigration Is Our Story

The CRCNA has an immigration story, one we sometimes forget about and need to remember as we encounter our immigrant neighbors today. To hear one another’s immigration stories and learn about immigration in the U.S. both yesterday and today, engage your congregation in the “Immigration Is Our Story” workshop.

Creation Care Workshop

Creation Care & Climate Justice

As part of God’s creation ourselves what can we do to show our love for God and our neighbor by caring for creation? How does our relationship with God transform our relationship with creation? What kinds of things can we do everyday that make real world differences? What can we do to inspire friends and family to join us in caring for creation? Our workshop will help you to discover answers to these questions. Explore our creation care resources or contact us at [email protected] to connect with workshop facilitators.

Church Between Borders

Church Between Borders

Church Between Borders is an interactive workshop that helps participants understand the brokenness of the U.S. immigration system, immigration policy throughout U.S. history, and how we can advocate for a more just system. The workshop brings people from many perspectives together to engage with immigration from a biblical perspective.

Journey with Me 

Refugees are our neighbours. When we think of refugees, we often hear the biblical call to “welcome the stranger.” And welcoming the stranger is a good first step. But in this increasingly interconnected world, these strangers are our neighbours, and we need each other. Journey with Me is a 90-minute interactive workshop that aims to help Christian citizens in the Canadian context work with their refugee neighbours for justice.

Faith In Action

Faith in Action

Contacting elected officials may be daunting, but sharing your well-informed opinion can make a real difference on the justice issues that you care about, and can bring about long-term changes to unjust systems. This workshop will help you learn how to navigate the political system to have your voice heard by local, state/provincial, and national leaders.