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About Us

Thrive began as a CRCNA agency on July 1, 2023.
Thrive began as a CRCNA agency on July 1, 2023.

The CRCNA Office of Social Justice has joined with eight other Christian Reformed ministries to better equip and encourage congregations. We have come together under the new name of Thrive.

While our name may have changed, we’re still as committed as ever to help CRC members love our neighbors in tangible ways. We continue to provide resources to learn about the root causes of poverty, hunger, and oppression, and we empower the church to call on those in power to improve systems and enact just public policy.

We prioritize the perspectives of marginalized people most impacted by injustices, raise awareness, educate members, share resources, and prompt advocacy.

It’s how we love our neighbors. It’s how we live our faith.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is advocacy? What's the history of the social justice in the CRC? Explore these questions and more

Our Staff

Andrew Oppong

Justice Mobilizer

Cindy Stover

Canada Justice Mobilizer


Steve Mulder

Climate Witness Project Consultant

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Our Partners


Contractual relationship with one or more other churches and organizations to do specified activities and/or to achieve specific objectives over time.

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On-going entities of individual or organizational members in which membership has specific responsibilities (such as the payment of dues) and usually brings specified benefits. With regard to associations in which individual agency or office personnel hold membership, those of interest to the CRCNA are those connected directly to the individual’s ministry responsibilities.

Churches for Middle East Peace

Bread for the World

Ecumenical Advocacy Days

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Formal but loose connections of individuals or organizations for mutual learning and encouragement.