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OSJ Committee for Guidance and Support

Committee Mandate

In keeping with the synodical instruction to provide guidance and support, the yet-to-be-named U.S. committee may guide and support the Office of Social Justice and Hunger Action (OSJ) in effectively addressing all relevant levels of U.S. government on significant and pressing issues of the day from an integrally biblical, theological, and confessional perspective, expressed in terms of a Reformed worldview, emphasizing whenever possible the official positions of the CRCNA as adopted by synod. Such recommendations will ordinarily be detailed in an annual plan for addressing public policy and rely on OSJ’s criteria. Significant mid-course additions to the plan are possible via consultation by committee members with officers of the CRCNA U.S. Corporation.

Questions for the committee?  Email [email protected]


The U.S. Committee will meet twice a year (at least one via video conference) and consider draft plans from staff, resulting in an annual plan to be presented to the COD (via its Mercy and Justice Ministries Committee) with input as needed from the CRCNA U.S. Corporation. The U.S. Committee will develop and propose an annual plan and goals for approval by the CRCNA U.S. Corporation. Ideally, the proposal will be presented for COD approval at the May meeting for the subsequent ministry year.


Normally the committee will have eight (8) members, with at least one representative from each of the four (4) CRCNA U.S. regions—one of whom is elected as chair by the committee itself.

Total composition, at minimum, should reflect the diversity goals of the denomination as synod has repeatedly encouraged, and prioritize representation and voices of those impacted by at least one of the primary justice issues mentioned below.

In order to place emphasis on the mandate of the OSJ, “advocacy for and with those who suffer injustice,” membership must primarily consist of persons with expertise in, affected by, and/or lived experience with the primary justice issues that the OSJ addresses (present: poverty/hunger, creation care/climate change, immigration/refugees, religious persecution, or abortion).


Members serve a three-year term, renewable for a second three-year term; staggering of terms at the outset will be required.

Membership will include two (2) ex officio non-voting members: One (1) OSJ staff member and one (1) staff member from another JIMA ministry (the former who also serves as the liaison to the CRCNA U.S. Corporation and COD Mercy and Justice Ministries Committee).