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Serving as a Family

Serving as a family is an important way to grow in faith together and to practice being the hands of feet of Jesus. Here are some helpful resources to explore.

  • Check out 5 Ways to Practice Service with Your Family, brought to you by the Dwell at Home series of family faith formation resources.
  • Look for service opportunities that allow your family to serve “with” people in need rather than doing things “to” or “for” them. As a part of this, encourage your children to look for things they can learn from the people they serve.
  • Explore some thoughtful questions to ask kids before and after service opportunities with How to Get the Most from Service Activities. You’ll find other great ideas on family service in our Family Faith Formation toolkit.
  • Consider designating a regular time for family service (“Service Saturday,” anyone?), as well as taking advantage of everyday service opportunities within your family, as described in Teaching Our Children the Joy of Serving Others by Lisa Jacobson on
  • Check out the short article Creating Space to Serve on, in which Lisa Van Engen explores how parents can “be intentional in teaching children and young people to serve rather than to be served, to look outward instead of inward, to give rather than to consume.”