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Ripples: An Exploration of Gratitude

Begin this gratitude exploration with what’s closest to you: your own self. Then move outward in your exploration like ripples in a pond, using the categories below. We suggest that you focus on one category per day in order to dive deeply into each one. You may want to jot down your reflections so that you can look back on them later.

An important note: Do not allow yourself to add the word “but” to your observations. Just for today, don’t concern yourself with the shortcomings you see in these categories. Bring your thoughts back to the good you discover. Rest in that and express your thankfulness to God.


My family
My friends
My church community
My work community (office, school, home)
My hometown
My state or province
My country
Our world


For each of the categories, ask yourself these questions:

  • What gifts from God do I see here?
  • How do I see God’s love, kindness, faithfulness, forgiveness, and more reflected here?
  • In what ways do I see God providing and showing care here?
  • In what other ways do I see God at work and doing good here?