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Sunday School. Adventureland. Promiseland. SONLife. Jump! KidsConnect.

Although the names we give our children’s ministry programs are different, our goals are the same: to nurture in children a faith that’s deep and wide, to support families as they nurture faith at home, and to call and equip leaders who will share the love of Christ with children.

We also share many of the same challenges:

  • irregular attendance
  • lack of volunteers
  • telling God’s story to children who have different levels of familiarity with it
  • helping families form faith at home
  • equipping leaders who don’t have teaching experience
  • connecting with children who have learning disabilities or behavioral challenges
  • and more . . .

Sound overwhelming? As you know, it can be. But those challenges mean that our calling to nurture faith in kids, to develop relationships with them as members of God’s family, and to encourage their families as they nurture faith at home has never been greater.

Responding to that call means recognizing that children’s ministry is one part of a whole. It’s a complement to, not a replacement for, the other faith-forming activities that occur with all ages at church, in the community, and with families at home. As Robert Keeley points out, “Children need to be nurtured in their faith by the whole community of faith, not just their parents” (Helping Our Children Grow in Faith, p. 21).

Engaging in ministry that creatively connects with children by paying attention to their specific needs is a big job. But it’s an important job. And we’re here to help!

For a personalized introduction to the resources in this toolkit or for assistance with faith formation challenges in your church, contact Mimi, our Children’s Ministry Catalyzer. Get to know Mimi in this short video.