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Special Meeting of the COD 2021

The Council of Delegates (COD) voted to cancel Synod 2021 and to defer any discussion or decision about the report from the Committee to Articulate a Foundation-Laying Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality until Synod 2022.

The synodical Program Committee (the officers who served at synod in 2019) carefully reviewed matters submitted for the Agenda for Synod 2021, the Agenda for Synod Supplement 2021, as well as the Deferred Agenda for Synod 2020, and determined which matters were essential to be dealt with this year. Those are highlighted with shading in each of the above documents. These essential items were discussed during a special, virtual meeting of the COD held on June 15 & 16.


Minutes from this special meeting are now available. 

News and Video

See our news coverage of the special COD meeting. The meeting was livestreamed to YouTube, and you can view the recordings


June 11 & 12

Advisory Committee meetings. These are not public and were not livestreamed. 

Tuesday, June 15

Morning Session - COD convened in plenary. Opening devotions led by delegate Mark Vande Zande, from Classis Heartland. Address of advisory committee reports 1 - which included matters related to restructuring as well as overtures related to Neland Ave. CRC.

Afternoon Session -  Began with the “State of the Church” address from executive director, Colin Watson. Also included finishing with the recommendations from Advisory Committee 1, and the full reports of Advisory Committee 2, 3A, and 3B. This included matters related to work on the prevention of abuse of power. It also included ministerial retirements and approving the work of synodical deputies. 

Wednesday, June 16

Morning Session - Opening devotions led by Kurt Selles (ReFrame Ministries) and Zach King (Resonate Global Mission) with an emphasis on global mission. Delegates also dealt with the report from advisory committee 5, and part of the report from advisory committee 4. This included approving candidates, dealing with financial matters, and taking note of changes to the list of organizations on the accredited list for offerings. 

Afternoon Session - Began with the presentation of the 2021 candidates for ministry. Also included a special thank you to retiring director of Candidacy, David Koll.  Delegates then finished with the report from advisory committee advisory committee 4. The afternoon concluded with a special acknowledgement of COD members concluding their service. Adjournment.