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Synod 2024 Prayer Support

For Synod 2024, there are many different ways that people can participate in supporting through prayer.  

The theme for Synod 2024 worship and prayer is God With Us. This theme brings the truth of God’s promise of presence into the reality of our situations. In this time of uncertainty in the CRC, it is good to be reminded of the truth that God is with us in our fear, in our joy, in our anxiety, in our trust, in our mission, in the unknown, in all of life.

The foundational way of supporting Synod 2024 through prayer is by having a humble heart, reliant on the work of God among us.

“In prayer, we humbly come before the God of the church, and pray that the Father’s will would be done,” said Jon Hoekema, the CRCNA’s prayer shepherd. “It is before God’s throne that we realize that Jesus is head of the church, and together we belong to him. It is through prayer that the Holy Spirit mysteriously works. Without humbly seeking God’s face, without prayer, we work on in our own strength, rather than being completely dependent upon the Triune God to lead the church.”

Here are the different opportunities to support Synod 2024 in prayer:

This toolbox is full of resources for prayer teams, small groups, councils, worship services, family devotions, classis meetings, as well as articles to read and grow through.

Leading up to Synod, the 40 Days of Prayer are written prayers representing the diversity of CRC members. Sign up to receive an email with the prayer for the day or a PDF with each week’s prayers. The 40 days of prayer will begin on May 5 and will conclude as Synod 2024 delegates gather on June 13. Find all 40 prayers in this downloadable PDF or download them by week: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6.

The first Pre-Synod Prayer Gathering will be Tuesday evening, all day Wednesday, and then Thursday morning we will be holding a prayer walk in the Chapel, the meeting rooms, and throughout Calvin's campus. If interested, registration is needed and can be found here.

Sign up to pray 30 minutes a day for Synod, at a time that works for you. Daily prayer guides will be emailed out each morning to those who signed up. These prayer guides will also be used for the early morning prayer at Synod by the delegates who participate.

Each morning of Synod, one of the Synod Prayer Team members will lead a time of prayer using the Daily Prayer Guide. It can be found on the CRCNA Facebook page.

The Prayer Intercessor team at Synod 2024 will be onsite to pray while Synod is proceeding.  The intercessors will be able to pray in the chapel, in the prayer room in the basement, walking around campus, and in the main floor prayer area.  There will be different capacities to pray and intercessors can choose how they would like to best support through prayer.  If interested, email [email protected].