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Synod Prayer Support

Synod 2022 carries unusual weight—Synod has not met for three years; COVID has impacted our ministry in significant ways; three new executive CRCNA positions are recommended; the Human Sexuality Report will be discussed; and matters of binationality continue to be sorted out.

For these reasons, the Council of Delegates has approved a prayer initiative for the denomination titled "Together Seeking God's Face." This initiative will be woven throughout Synod 2022.

Synod has already begun . . . three special prayer meetings for all delegates and advisers have been held, and prayer will continue to serve as the primary shaper of all synodical activities and conversations, so that the body might be guided by the mind and character of Christ (Phil. 2:5-11). See below for the prayer schedule and prayer guide.

Similarly, all classes are encouraged to dedicate time to prayer, and to surround synodical delegates with prayers for wisdom and discernment. 

Prayer opportunities include:

  • Monthly prayer (2nd Wednesday at 11am ET)
  • Weekly half-hour prayer with the Executive Director and other senior leaders, beginning Wednesday, January 19 at 12pm ET
  • May 1 - Launch of 40 Days of Prayer devotional for all CRC members (learn more)
  • May 25 - Convening session of synod (prayer guide)
  • Week of synod: prayer team, intercessors, and chaplains
  • Many congregations and classes have issued similar calls to prayer; contact your council or classis to learn more about how you can participate and join others in praying.