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Synod 2022 Documents

Synod 2022 addressed and decided matters within the Deferred Agenda for Synods 2020-2021; the Agenda for Synod 2022; and the Agenda Supplement, which is published in the Acts of Synod 2022. Sections of the Agenda text were shaded to indicate consent agenda matters that were received as information.

Before Synod 2022 began, delegates met in advisory committees. Each advisory committee processed a portion of the agenda and prepared reports which were made available to the delegates and posted publicly. Synod 2022 discussed each of these reports in plenary sessions, and voted on the recommendations contained in each report.

**NOTE: Advisory Committee reports linked below are the original versions presented to synod. In its deliberations, synod made many amendments to recommendations and those amendments are not reflected here. The final wording of recommendations, as well as the decision made on each recommendation, can all be found in the Acts of Synod 2022, or by watching the webcast recordings of each session. The Acts of Synod serve as the official record of synod deliberations.