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14th Street - Profession of Faith and Membership Policy

14th Street Christian Reformed Church, Holland, MI
Lord’s Supper, Profession of Faith and Membership Policy

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

The covenant family, as the basic building block of God’s plan, sees baptism as identity giving. In our baptism, we are marked as belonging to God and all of life is to be shaped accordingly. Our baptism gives us our identity, as children of God. Therefore anyone who has been baptized is welcome to participate in the Lord’s Supper.

Profession of Faith

We are encouraged to give testimony and profession of our faith regularly before others in all of life. However, the public Profession of Faith, which involves a conversation with the council and participation in a public ceremony during worship is a vitally important step and affirms our baptism by giving public expression to our acceptance of God’s promises. (Faith Formation committee, “A Model for Healthy Congregational Culture”, January 2012)

Adult Membership

Everyone is welcome at 14th Street. We would also like to encourage people to become members. Membership represents a commitment to a particular congregation and to ongoing fellowship with the people of God. It also gives the privileges of voting, serving on council and of bringing your children for baptism. Membership is given to people who:

  1. Are active participant in the life of 14th Street.
  2. Made a profession of faith
  3. Are eighteen years of age or a high school graduate, whichever happens first.
  4. Receive a recommendation from the pastor. The pastor may seek input from a variety of sources such as elders, Director of Children’s Ministry, and the Youth Director for these recommendations. The Pastor will bring the recommendations to the council in January or February of each year.

Membership is confirmed by a letter from the council clerk.

From 14th Street CRC, Holland, MI