"Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?"

—Habakkuk 1:3

August 16, 2020

This year we invite all CRC churches to use the following resources in their services
on August 16 as part of communal praying and crying out to God together.

Day of Justice 2020 Worship Resources

Day of Justice 2020 Video

About the Day of Justice

As Christians, we are called to a lifetime of justice and righteousness. In the earliest parts of the Old Testament, God calls people to be stewards of creation and to care for their brothers and sisters. Later, there are explicit rules about caring for widows and orphans, forgiving debts, and farming in a way that preserves the soil for the long-term.

In the New Testament, Jesus models a new kind of justice that includes extending the gospel to all people, appropriately challenging authority, and caring for the “least of those” among us. Today, each of us lives out this call to biblical justice in our individual lives and through the ministries of our local congregations.

We know that scripture promises us a future of renewal and restoration — a righting of all broken relationships between people and God. We also recognize that Jesus calls us to stand up, be kingdom workers, and begin that renewal now in our own context and beyond our churches’ walls.

On August 16, 2020 we will have a new opportunity to reflect on justice and what it means for our lives. Designated by Synod 2017, this date will mark a third annual, denomination-wide, Day of Justice and will allow us experience a unity as a denomination as we consider the meaning of Biblical justice, lament injustices in our world, and commit to the transforming work of standing alongside people whom society oppresses and pushes to the margins.

Additional Justice Resources

Tools to foster your thinking about justice issues.
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Additional Worship Resources

Tools for incorporating justice themes into your Sunday service.
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If you wish to take an offering on this day, please direct the funds towards your congregation’s own justice work in whatever form that might take.