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Canadian National Gathering 2016

With great appreciation for all of the participants of the National Gathering held at WLU, I simply want to say THANK YOU! Tell your churches and classis how you enjoyed yourself so that 3 years from now we can do it again. I'm excited to share this Canadian Gathering 2016 Report as a reflection of what we heard and continue to hear as we process the memories, input and feedback from the event.

It feels to me like the CRCNA in Canada was served well because of the conversations we have had this past weekend. True, we do have to lean more and more into the work that God has in front of us as we follow His leading and engage Our Journey 2020 (Ministry Plan). But as this weekend demonstrated, we can joyfully follow the Holy Spirit's leading knowing He produces good fruit. We can set our whole being into God's work without fear, with enthusiasm, and ultimately with confidence that we are not alone, but belong body and soul, to our faithful Savior Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the coverage of this event by checking the right sidebar under "News and Blogs." This will be updated as more stories come in.

Darren Roorda - Canadian Ministries

To connect and inspire local, regional, and denominational ministries by telling our stories, sharing our priorities, and imagining our shared future.

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Please use these resources to refresh your own memories of Canadian Gathering 2016, or to share the event with others who weren’t able to attend.

Keynote Speaker Videos


Our Ministry Context
Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat Sharing Ministry Priorities in Secular Canada
Dr. Glenn Smith Contextualization in Canada: The Canadian Urban and Indigenous Context
Michelle Visser-Wikkerink


Storytelling Audios


Canada Gathering Report & PPT Presentation

Canadian Gathering Report (PDF)
Canada Gathering Presentation (PDF)
By the Numbers (PDF)