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Mentoring Groups Program

The Mentoring Group (MG) Program offers pastors an opportunity to delve into a specific ministry transition—Exploring, Starting Anew, and Finishing Well—while supporting, caring for, and encouraging one another. Grants of up to $5,000 (USD) funds group activities.

Pastors are free to plan almost all aspects of their time together: who the group members will be, who the group facilitator will be, which of the three transitions they’ll pursue, when to meet, what books they’ll read, if they’ll attend a conference, and what the retreat will look like. Since groups will create their own plan, no two groups will be alike. The groups will be made up of four to six pastors (plus a facilitator) who desire to gather together to learn from each other while fostering wellbeing in their ministry, lives, and relationships.

All active, CRC parish pastors who fit into one of the three ministry transitions are eligible to form a group and apply for a grant. There are some requirements that need to be met. For all the details have a look at the Overview of Mentoring Groups Program.   

The maximum grant awarded is $5,000 (USD). The grant period is one year from the time of approval. A mentoring group may only receive one grant between January 2024 and December 2028.

Proposals are accepted two times a year with the deadlines being May 1 and November 1. Be sure to read the "Plug & Play" Guide to Mentoring Groups as you work on your application.

Thrive notifies applicants about the grant awards no later than June 15 (for the May 1 due date) and December 15 (for the November 1 due date). Mentoring group expenses incurred before the grants are announced are not covered by the grant funds.

Thrive will help answer your questions about forming a mentoring group. Don't hesitate to contact us.


Contact Thrive to obtain a proposal form template.