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Thriving in pastoral ministry requires relationships in which one can explore a developing sense of pastoral vocation.

This is true throughout a pastoral career, but particularly during seminal transitional moments in which an integrated sense of vocation is challenged or disrupted. This project intends to create a stronger, more vital culture of mentoring around three under-supported, almost “invisible” transition moments:

  • starting anew
  • in later career
  • while privately wrestling with the question, “Should I stay or go?”

Through gatherings, resourcing, assessments, and developing mentoring relationships, the Thriving Together initiative crystallizes a trajectory already begun in the CRCNA, sharpening the focus on pastoral relationships. The cultivation of wisdom by way of mutually respectful relationships with significant, similar others, will provide traction in fostering hospitable giving and receiving between colleagues which leads to thriving.

This strategy fits well within the mission of Thrive which serves pastors and churches, “as they seek to promote healthy relationships, encourage one another in ministry, and discern next steps in seasons of growth, transition, or challenge.”