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Are you thinking of taking a new call? Are you exploring what God might have next for you? Ever think that you might want to step away from formal ministry all together? If you are asking yourself these questions, then we’d like to invite you into a conversation around exploring your transition. We gather pastors virtually each year (late winter/early spring) to gain clarity, strengthen discernment processes, and share wisdom that we've gathered from pastors who have navigated this transition well.

Pastors will take the Birkman Assessment and debrief their results with a certified Birkman consultant on staff. Learn more by visiting our Vocational Ministry Assessments page.

Pastors will gather for a virtual workshop to discern their call together. All participants will receive a book related to their transition moment.

Mentoring Group Grants:
Grants of up to $5,000 are available to fund groups of six to eight pastors (plus a facilitator) who desire to gather together to learn from each other while fostering health in their ministry, lives, wellbeing, and relationships.


For more information on Exploring contact us.