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Second Call

Many believe that since a pastor has already completed their first call, and is therefore “experienced”, entering a second call is easy and almost seamless. However, often that’s not the case. The first and second calls can be to very different types of ministry, contexts, or roles. And, pastors don’t know it all even if the second ministry setting is very similar to their first one.This program explores the early years of a pastor’s second call via the following: 

Assessments: 20 pastors will take a vocational ministry assessment and be debriefed. Each participating pastor will receive a book pertaining to the assessment. Follow-up opportunities for book discussions will be provided.

Gatherings: 12 pastors early in a second call will join 12 pastors seven years or more into their second call. There will be four gatherings geared at learning together, and encouraging the value of thriving together. All participants will receive a book related to their transition moment.

Mentoring Group Grants: Grants of up to $10,000 are available to fund groups of six to eight pastors (plus a facilitator) who desire to gather together to learn from each other while fostering health in their ministry, lives, wellbeing, and relationships.

Resources: A training tool and a video focused on the second call will be written/created for anyone interested: mentors, regional pastors, transitioning pastor, church councils, etc.


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