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Whether immigrants are already part of your neighborhood or living in communities farther away, these resources are meant to help individuals and congregations navigate this important conversation and get involved to bring about immigration reform. 


Church Between Borders

This interactive workshop helps participants understand the brokenness of the U.S. immigration system, immigration policy throughout U.S. history, and how we can advocate for a more just system.
workshop participants put sticky notes on a posterboard

Immigration is Our Story

To hear one another’s immigration stories and learn about immigration in the U.S. both yesterday and today, engage your congregation in the “Immigration Is Our Story” workshop.

Worship Resources

A cream background with the words "The Immigrants Creed"

The Immigrant's Creed

Invite your congregation to express the Christian faith through the experience of an immigrant.
image contents: a prayer titled "Immigrants Are a Blessing Litany"

Immigrant's are a Blessing Litany

Use this litany in your Sunday worship as a way to remember the blessing of the "stranger" throughout scripture and give thanks for our immigrant and refugee neighbors today.

Educational Resources

Immigrants are a blessing not a burden

Blessing Not Burden Wise Up Page

It’s time to unlearn that immigrants are a burden. Scripture, our own experience, and truths about the economy and our communities teach us that immigrants are a blessing. Learn more specific facts about how immigrants are a blessing here.
a collage of pictures of people with the text "Immigration is Our Story!"

Immigration is Our Story Audio Series

The Christian Reformed Church was established by immigrants. We've collected stories through recorded interviews of CRC and RCA members' immigration stories to to remind us of where many of us came from and what we have in common with today's immigrants.

Immigration and Refugees YouTube Playlist

"What does the Bible say about immigration?" and "How does the U.S. immigration system work?" Explore responses to these questions and more on our YouTube channel.
Do Justice Blog

Do Justice Blog Posts about Immigration

Do Justice is a blog shaped by a variety of voices examining and reflecting on justice issues with a Reformed accent. Explore blog posts related to immigration.
International Students Speak

International Students Speak

Events in the U.S. in 2020 brought to light the profound impact that immigration policies can have on the opportunities and plans of international students. Explore these international students stories in this timeline and Do Justice series.
The God who sees book

The God Who Sees

Karen Gonzalez - a speaker, writer, and immigrant advocate originally from Guatemala - invites readers to hear the stories of biblical characters that fled their homelands in her book, "The God Who Sees: Immigrants, the Bible, and the Journey to Belong."
National Immigration Forum Immigration Primer

Immigration Primer

This resource from the National Immigration Forum gives you a concise overview of the history of U.S. immigration, how the current system works and doesn't work, and what can be done to fix it.
10 Ways Churches Can Welcome Immigrants

Ten Ways Churches Can Welcome Immigrants

What are practical ways your church can follow God's command to welcome the stranger? This Ten Ways Tool contains ten ideas for showing hospitality and experiencing the blessings immigrants can bring.