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Introducing Thrive

Safe Church has joined with eight other Christian Reformed ministries to better equip and encourage congregations. Our new name is Thrive. 

While our name may have changed, we’re still as committed as ever to equip congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response.

“Being safe and healthy communities is foundational to the ministry of CRC congregations. I'm so excited that as Thrive, staff with expertise in various aspects of ministry will now work together to provide more integrated and comprehensive support for congregations and Safe Church Coordinators to help them cultivate safe environments in every area of ministry.” - Rev. Amanda Benckhuysen, PhD (Thrive’s safe churches consultant)

As Thrive staff we want to come alongside your church to assist, to resource, and to support. We want your church to become - or continue to be - successful, strong, and healthy. Together we are able to do God’s work in the world better than any of us could do on our own.

Our new mandate from synod asks Thrive “to provide expertise, wisdom, and compassionate support to congregations while remaining attentive to a wide range of opportunities and challenges facing the church today." Combining the nine congregational ministries into the one Thrive agency allows us to be more accessible, more integrated, and more responsive in our engagement with Christian Reformed congregations and ministry leaders.

Your prayers and financial support remain vital to our mission. As Thrive, we still depend on the generous contributions from Ministry Shares, individual gifts, and church offerings to continue making a meaningful impact. Your continued support enables us to build communities where the value of each person is honored; where people are free to worship and grow free from abuse; and where abuse has occurred, the response is compassion and justice that foster healing.

To learn more about our new name and to stay in the loop with the new Thrive monthly email, visit