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Practicing Listening with a Group

In Small Groups

In Intergenerational Groups

In Discernment Groups

  • When someone is facing a big decision or life change, a discernment group can be very helpful. Quakers call these groups “Clearness Committees.” The person who is seeking discernment invites people whose opinion they respect to gather with them to ask thought-provoking questions, but not to give advice. For more on how Clearness Committees work, check out this webpage.

In Worship Services

In Your Community

  • Sherman Street CRC’s “Voices of Our Community” project built connections between the congregation and their neighbors. Personal interviews gave people from all walks of life a space to tell their stories. And a photographer took portraits of church and community members sharing their response to the question: “What is your dream?” This project involved lots of listening—and participants learned a lot about each other! How might your church carry out a similar project in your unique context?