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Practicing Listening as a Family

Listening to God is a skill we all need to practice. And listening to family members helps them know that they belong, that they are loved, and that they are important. Following are some ideas and resources to sharpen your family's listening skills. The free downloadable resource 5 Ways to Practice Listening with Your Family is a great place to start!

Listening to God

  • Take a family tech sabbath regularly (for an hour a day, a day each week, or even a whole week). Use your tech-free time to connect with each other and to listen to God together. For more, check out suggestions in The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch and My Tech-Wise Life by father/daughter team Amy Crouch and Andy Crouch.
  • Teach kids how to practice listening prayer rather than reciting a list of wants and needs. Here’s how one mom prayed listening prayers with her kids.
  • Read Psalm 19:1-4 together in the NIrV version. Then take a walk in a park or woods, looking closely at nature around you. Talk about how wonderfully our world is made and how creation tells about the glory of God.

Listening to Each Other