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Practicing Hospitality as a Group

Small groups, book groups, young parent groups, youth groups—every group can practice hospitality!

Small Group Hospitality Study

Read together the very accessible (and short) book The Simplest Way to Change the World by Dustin Willis and Brandon Clements.

  • Talk about the book; there’s a small group study guide in the back.
  • Discuss the role hospitality played in your families of origin and how that affects your views on hospitality today.
  • Together or individually, make simple goals for growing your practice of hospitality, and share them with each other.

Group Hospitality Questions

  • How do people new to your congregation find a place to belong? Is it easy or difficult? What might make that easier?
  • What might your group do to make space for new people? Here’s an interesting piece on how to invite someone to a small group and make their first visit a good one. Check out their idea about having a “third place” where the group meets.
  • How might your planned activities be guided by a spirit of hospitality?
  • How might you enfold people in your church or community who are single, recent graduates, people with disabilities, or other people who are looking for places to belong?

Group Hospitality Activities

Here are some ways your group can provide food, shelter, and safety for others. If members of your group have children, invite them to participate too!

  • Plan an outdoor activity (picnic, ice-skating, leaf-raking, etc.) and invite people who are new to your church to join your group.
  • Learn about the needs of your community. Connect with a local organization and ask how your group can support the work that's being done. 
  • Plan a progressive dinner at the homes of your group members. Invite people from outside your group to join in.
  • Volunteer to work on a Habitat for Humanity house together.