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Fall Worship Planning Resources

Songs, prayers, litanies, and articles to inspire or assist you with your fall worship planning. This includes commissioning services as well as ideas for services that focus on work, going back to school (education), and ministry involvement in the church. Click on this link to access these resources.

Worship Peer Learning Groups

Worship Peer Learning Groups are now forming. Plan now to invite 3 to 5 persons involved in leading, planning, or participating in worship to join with you in a group discussion about worship. Groups can be made up of individuals from the same or different churches, meeting in person or electronically, to study and discuss a chosen book on worship. The focus this year will be about how our worship shows care for all who worship with us in our congregation. Click here for more information.

Endorsed Coaches

Worship Ministries is offering a list of recommended Endorsed Coaches. These coaches will be geographically located throughout the U.S. and Canada, with most coming from within the Christian Reformed church. Each Endorsed Coach has specific areas of expertise in regards to worship. If your church would be interested in receiving training or coaching from one of these coaches, please contact them. You can also email us for more information at worship@crcna.org

Click here to see a current listing of recommended worship coaches.

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Worship Resources

A comprehensive collection of items to help you plan and reflect on worship by type of resource and topic.
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A place where CRC worship leaders, planners, musicians and pastors can connect with each other. See what others are doing as well as share your own ideas, thoughts, and resources.
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Find out more about Worship Ministries, its mission, staff, and ministry partners.
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