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Pentecost - Resources for Planning Worship

If you follow the Christian Reformed Church’s Offering Calendar you may notice that it requests that an offering be taken for Worship Ministries of the Christian Reformed Church and you may wonder what or who is Worship Ministries? You may also note that this Sunday is Trinity Sunday and in the US it is also Memorial Sunday. While we can’t help you pull all those things together we offer you the following resources:

Introducing Worship Ministries
Resources for Trinity Sunday
Celebrating Freedom and Remembering Veterans

Worship Resources

A comprehensive collection of items to help you plan and reflect on worship by type of resource and topic.
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Join the Community

A place where CRC worship leaders, planners, musicians and pastors can connect with each other. See what others are doing as well as share your own ideas, thoughts, and resources.
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About Us

Find out more about Worship Ministries, its mission, staff, and ministry partners.
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