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Church Sound Bootcamp Summer 2019, August 9 & 10, 2019

Recordings now available

The CRC Worship Survey webinar, see and hear results of the 2018 Worship Survey.
The PowerPoint with charts is also available at that link.
Mentoring and the Worship Leader, with mentor, pastor, and musician Joy Engelsman
Worship and the Liturgy - webinar with Phil Majorins. Many helpful resources included.

Upcoming Worship Webinars

Choosing and Teaching New Music in Worship, May 8, 2019, 1pm EST.
Choosing Music for Worship II, May 15, 1 pm EST

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Endorsed Coaches

Worship coaches are available for training or coaching in your area.
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Worship Resources

A comprehensive collection of items to help you plan and reflect on worship by type of resource and topic.
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Join the Community

A place where CRC worship leaders, planners, musicians and pastors can connect with each other. See what others are doing as well as share your own ideas, thoughts, and resources.
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Find out more about Worship Ministries, its mission, staff, and ministry partners.
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