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For full reports and exact statements of the CRCNA position on a particular issue, see references provided below.


Holy Scripture in its entirety is the written Word of God, inspired by God to be our rule of faith and practice. This inspiration is organic, extending to the ideas and the words of Scripture, and is so unique that Scripture alone is the Word of God. The human authors of Scripture were moved by the Holy Spirit so that their writing, reflecting their own personalities, language, and style, communicates infallibly God's self-revelation. Belief in the inspiration of Scripture, required by Scripture itself and by our Lord and his apostles, is indispensable to Christian faith. The infallibility of Scripture is inferred from inspiration, and the inspiration of Scripture secures its infallibility.


The CRC affirmed its belief in the inspiration of Scripture in 1959 in response to a study report from the Reformed Ecumenical Synod. Because of a controversy over the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture in 1959, which involved students and faculty of Calvin Theological Seminary, synod appointed a committee to study the relationship between these issues. Its report was adopted in 1961.

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