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About Us

Synod 1982 approved the formation of Pastor Church Resources (PCR). The mandate for this ministry was that it provide programs of “healing and prevention” for ministers, staff, councils, and congregations. Almost 40 years later, PCR has significantly expanded its work. Today, our mission statement is:

Pastor Church Resources serves pastors, churches, and classes as they seek to promote healthy relationships, encourage one another in ministry, and discern next steps in seasons of growth, transition, or challenge.

Ministry Shares enable PCR to serve pastors and congregations in a variety of ways. Today, PCR offers:

  • Continuing education opportunities and grants
  • Vocational ministry assessments
  • Peer Learning grants
  • Resources and grants for pastors in transition
  • Direct consultation in seasons of transition and challenge
  • Resources for the pastor search and staff evaluation processes
  • Educational opportunities for councils, staff, and congregations
  • Specialized Transitional Ministers
  • Healthy Church Discernment Process
  • Support and training for Church Visitors, Classis Counselors, Pastoral Mentors, and Regional Pastors
  • Strategic coaching through classis renewal
  • Conferences for pastors and pastors’ spouses
  • Wellbeing tools for pastors
  • Resources for elders and councils

Download this handout to see what we do.

Our Team

Al Postma

Al Postma

  • Strategic Coaching: assisting classis leaders who are realigning their regional ministry structure for health and renewal and/or are facing challenging situations that intersect with classis.
  • Leadership Development: ensuring that training is available to those who serve in various classis roles.
  • Convening: creating space for classis leaders across the denomination to connect with one another.
  • Thriving Together: directing the Thriving Together program, which seeks to build collegial mentoring relationships for pastors at key transitional moments in ministry.
800-730-3490 x4563
Dave Den Haan

Dave Den Haan

Ministry Consultant
  • Consultation: providing assistance to pastors and churches in times of transition, crisis, and discernment.
  • Specialized Transitional Ministers: providing leadership and oversight to the program of congregational transitional ministry.
  • Resource Development: developing resources that support the church council-church staff relationship.
  • Learning Events: conducting seminars and training events for pastors and church leaders.
877-279-9994 x2712
Elaine May, new Women’s Leadership Director

Elaine May

Women's Leadership Developer
  • Consultation: assist congregations in developing a theology and practice for identifying, cultivating, and releasing women to use their gifts in the church.
  • Leadership Development: increase the leadership capacity and contribution of women at all ages and levels - local, regional, and denominational.
  • Networking: build a network of mentors, sponsors, and encouragers for emerging and advancing women leaders.
  • Advocacy: raise awareness and remove barriers for women to fully participate in the mission of the church.
877-279-9994 x2476
Kim Rankins

Kim Rankens

Administrative Coordinator
  • PastorSearch Process: providing information and support to churches and pastors involved in a pastor search process.
  • Administrative Coordination: providing administrative assistance and coordination to PCR staff.
  • Event Planning: overseeing and organizing PCR events for churches/pastors/ministry leaders including the Pastors' Wives' Conference.
  • Specialized Transitional Ministers: coordinating the STM program—ministers who walk alongside congregations during times of transition.
877-279-9994 x2837

Kristin Hoekstra

Administrative Assistant
877-279-9994 x2394

Lis Van Harten

  • Administration: providing administrative leadership for Pastor Church Resources.
  • Grant Opportunities: administering Peer Learning Grants for pastors.
  • Care and Development for Pastors: providing opportunities for pastors such as peer groups and resources related to well-being.
  • Communication: sharing ministry news and resources with congregations, pastors, and ministry leaders.
877-279-9994 x2805

Margie Brenner

Administrative Coordinator
  • Thriving Together: providing administrative support for the Thriving Together program.
  • Classis Renewal: administrative coordination for classis renewal initiatives and assisting PCR in supporting classis functionaries.
  • Women's Ministry: providing administrative support to the Women's Leadership Developer.
  • Connections Project: supporting the Connections team in strengthening denominational ministry relationships with churches and classes.
877-279-9994 x2173

Nate Rauh-Bieri

Financial Shalom Program Manager
  • Financial Shalom: supporting pastors' and churches' financial wellbeing and sustainability.
  • Bivocational Pastors: providing resources and support for bivocational pastors and their churches.
  • Continuing Education: administering grants and curating offerings to form pastors in ministry.
  • Accessibility: helping diverse pastors and churches utilize these resources for healthy ministry.
877-279-9994 x2877

Sean Baker

Ministry Consultant
  • Consultation: providing assistance to pastors and churches in times of transition, crisis, and discernment.
  • Crossroads Discernment: providing leadership and support for Crossroads Discernment Process (a program to guide churches through the spiritual discernment and logistical details of significant changes including reset, restart, and closure).
  • Challenging Conversations: supporting churches seeking to engage challenging and controversial issues.
  • Learning events: conducting seminars and training events for pastors and church leaders.
877-279-9994 x2678
Zach Olson

Zach Olson

Ministry Vocational Consultant
  • Consultation: providing assistance to pastors and churches in times of transition, crisis, and discernment.
  • Vocational Consultation: engaging individuals in the Birkman assessment including one-on-one debrief of results and providing vocational guidance to pastors, chaplains, and seminary students.
  • Mentoring: helping to connect newly ordained ministers with mentors.
  • Healthy Church Discernment Process: overseeing the initiative to help churches strengthen their lives with God, deepen their connections with members, and sharpen their senses of mission.
877-279-9994 x2677

The values to which we aspire:

  • conversations with others, more than about them.
  • conversations which are both candid and graceful.
  • relationships which demonstrate hospitality and accountability.
  • a leader's health as essential for the wellbeing of a community.
  • the image of church as body of Christ, a systemic organism in which each member impacts, and is impacted by, every other member.
  • differences as a source of enrichment more than reason for conflict.
  • conflict as an arena in which God's presence and guidance may become known.
  • lifelong learning for the purpose of maturing as God's children.
  • the mystery of God's Holy Spirit at work in ways which we cannot fathom.
  • the power of God's presence accomplishing more than we might imagine possible.