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Worship with Synod 2022

June 10, 2022
Synod worship June 10, 2022
Photo by Bryan Haley

Synod 2022 is being surrounded by prayer and worship. You are encouraged to join. 

“Synod 2022 carries unusual weight—Synod has not met for three years; COVID has impacted our ministry in significant ways; three new executive CRCNA positions are recommended; the Human Sexuality Report will be discussed; and matters of binationality continue to be sorted out,” said Colin Watson, executive director of the CRCNA, in a communication to churches. 

For these reasons, the Council of Delegates approved a year-long prayer initiative "Together Seeking God's Face,” leading up to Synod 2022. It also approved making prayer a key emphasis during synod itself. 

Delegates are encouraged to submit prayer requests or stop by a prayer booth to pray for things on their heart. There is a “prayer buddy bench” for those wanting to pray with someone else, and sessions and committee meetings will also rely on prayer as part of the discernment process.

“Each morning of synod will begin with worship and these services will be focused on the petitions of the Lord's Prayer,” explained Joyce Borger, director of Worship Ministries and an organizer for synod worship. 

A graphic was created by artist Matthew Lenko (Campus Chapel- Ann Arbor, Mich.) to help highlight the various petitions of the Lord’s prayer. This image is available for purchase.

In addition, a Spotify playlist was created that includes all of the songs that will be used throughout the coming week.

“Those at home are encouraged to join your hearts and voices with us in prayers and devotions this week,” said Borger. “This playlist is one way that you can participate.”

This worship series began on Friday, June 10 with several songs, a litany, the lighting of a candle, and time in small group discussions about the first petitions of the Lord’s prayer. 

“Every morning, we will light this candle to remember that God is with us,” said Katie Roelofs, from Worship Ministries. “God invites us to worship, God is present in the work of the agenda, God is here in the midst of our conversations on the floor, in our study committees and in our private conversations. We light this candle to remember that God is with us.”

Watch a recording of the Friday worship time on the CRCNA YouTube channel. You can also watch a short video from Worship Ministries that was shown to Synod 2022 this morning that depicts children’s questions about prayer and answers to those questions. 

Synod 2022 will run through the afternoon of June 16. For news before and during synod, subscribe to Synod News and the CRC News weekly email (which will include links to Banner stories). Or follow the CRCNA on Facebook or on Twitter (#crcsynod).

Also visit regularly during synod to access the schedule, advisory committee reports, stories, photos, and livestream access to synod deliberations. (Note that livestream will be on a 20-minute delay.)