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VanderKwaak Appointed as Interim CAO

July 6, 2022

Lloyd VanderKwaak has been appointed to serve as interim chief administrative officer (CAO) for the Christian Reformed Church in North America. This is expected to be a six-month role and will conclude when a permanent chief administrative officer has been appointed.

VanderKwaak, a Canadian who now lives in Maple City, Mich., has spent much of his life working with ChildServe, a network of nonprofit organizations committed to helping children with special health needs to live a great life. He has also served on several boards and as a nonprofit consultant and adviser.

Most recently he assisted with the implementation of the CRCNA’s Structure and Leadership Task Force (SALT) recommendations. This group produced a report with recommendations for structuring the denomination in such a way as to maximize the CRCNA’s unity in two countries while allowing for appropriate direction and control in both the United States and Canada.

VanderKwaak was appointed by the CRC’s Council of Delegates as a volunteer consultant to the committee tasked with implementing the SALT recommendations. In this role he helped the U.S. and Canadian sides of CRCNA ministries put together joint ministry agreements for how they can best work together.

He now brings this experience and expertise to this new chief administrative officer role.

“I am tremendously thankful for Lloyd’s diligence, orientation to partnership, and desire to serve Christ and his church,” said Zachary King, general secretary of the CRCNA, who appointed VanderKwaak to the role.

King said that VanderKwaak has great board leadership knowledge from his previous work experience that will assist him in this new role. King also said that, given VanderKwaak’s time volunteering with the SALT implementation team, he has established relationships with CRCNA staff and a great foundation on which to begin his work.

According to VanderKwaak, there are two streams within the newly established Office of General Secretary. The general secretary’s emphasis will be focused on eccelesiastical responsibilities and carrying out the decisions of synod. The CAO’s emphasis will be on administrative and organizational functions of CRCNA ministries. In this task, VanderKwaak will work closely with the Canadian executive director and the U.S. director of ministries to ensure good collaboration between the CRC ministries in both countries.

VanderKwaak said he is pleased to take on these new responsibilities.

“Synod recently passed the Structure and Leadership Task Force recommendations and several other recommendations that have come up since the COD first adopted the SALT report,” said VanderKwaak. “My task is to implement and act on these things. I will have a specific emphasis on governance and leadership, but I will also be delving into culture with Zach King to clarify roles and help set things up as well as possible for a permanent CAO to take over.”

A search team is in the process of looking for a permanent chief administrative officer. They had hoped to bring the name of a nominee to Synod 2022 but were unable to. They have extended their search and are encouraging people to check out the CAO Search website if they are interested in learning more.