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Guide to Synod 2024

May 29, 2024

Synod 2024 is fast approaching. In fact, the convening session for this annual, decision-making meeting of the Christian Reformed Church in North America will take place Wed., May 29, at 7:00 p.m. (EDT) with the delegates and advisers meeting via Zoom. The webcast will be open for viewing on the CRCNA's YouTube page at

The full meeting of Synod 2024 will begin with in-person sessions Fri., June 14, at 8:15 a.m. in the Calvin Chapel on the campus of Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Mich.

The Agenda for Synod 2024 is full, with 21 overtures carried over from Synod 2023 that were not able to be dealt with before the meeting ended, as well as 45 new overtures and 26 communications from classes, councils, and individuals. 

To help you understand the issues that will be dealt with by this year’s synod, a guide has been produced. 

“This guide will condense what is in the Agenda down to 8,000 words for those who want to know what’s coming but don’t want to wade through all of the Agenda’s 614 pages,” said the guide’s author, Gayla Postma. 

In addition to outlining the various overtures and communications, the guide also summarizes conversations that will need to take place regarding changes to Church Order, a report from the Judicial Code Review team, and reports from synod’s standing committees and leadership groups. 

“As you read this guide, we hope you will appreciate that the ministry of the CRC is broader than navigating the pressing issues of the day,” Postma wrote. “Please pray for all who are participating in this year’s synod, that they may have traveling mercies, calmness in their hearts, kindness in their words, and openness to the Lord’s leading.”

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