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Inclusion Handbook

Inclusion Handbook cover

This booklet, co-published with the RCA, helps church leaders and members welcome and engage people with disabilities in the life of the church.


Knowing the particular disability a person lives with will help churches better to understand and help that person, but people are individuals with complex needs, gifts, joys, challenges, and interests. As advocates for people with disabilities, we must encourage our churches to focus on people and relationships, and not to be overly concerned with labels. This handbook emphasizes the importance of developing relationships and encouraging everyone in your congregation to use their gifts for God's glory.


This easy-to-read book functions as a "go-to-guide" providing some basic step-by-step instructions for disability inclusion. It is very simple and practical in its approach and covers a variety of areas including ministry to people with physical impairments, developmental disabilities, aging stresses (for example Alzheimer's and dementia) and mental illness. Definitely a great resource for both church and para-church organizations, for pastors, professors, and lay people.
Deborah-Ruth Ferber, excerpted from GoodReads review

Inclusion Handbook: Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves is a forty-page reader-friendly guide for inclusion and disability advocacy within the church. Topics include etiquette, grief, preventing negative behaviors, autism, deaf/hard of hearing, visual impairment, mental illness, mobility impairment, dementia, intellectual disabilities, and chronic or terminal illness.
Each chapter provides tips that are easy to understand and easy to implement, giving church leaders tools for encouraging all congregation participants to use their gifts for God’s glory.
Whether your congregation is large or small, this handbook holds helpful tips for developing relationships and implementing the gifts of everyone in your church.

Sue Cassel, Anabaptist Disabilities Network